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Bring on the Podcast with the K-State Collegian's Adam Suderman

Sports editor and lifelong Wildcat enthusiast Adam Suderman joins us to talk about whether K-State should fear UTEP, what the Auburn game means moving forward, and the 'Cats' chances of competing for a Big 12 title.

This guy has the potential to become a dangerous featured running back for Kansas State.
This guy has the potential to become a dangerous featured running back for Kansas State.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in podcast history, we were joined this week by an actual Kansas State student, Adam Suderman. He's the sports editor at the K-State Collegian and provided plenty of insights into the current state of Wildcat football, most of which was good news.

A 9-3 season still seems well within reach after last week's disappointing loss to Auburn, and Adam isn't even ruling out 10-2. He's understandably impressed with Kansas State's run defense and expects Charles Jones to lead a formidable ground attack. We also discussed some of K-State's biggest threats in the Big 12 and if you stick around to the end, you'll get to hear who Adam thinks are the best Wildcat interviews from a journalist and fan perspective.

Be sure to follow the coverage of Adam and his staff on the  Wyatt Thompson and BotC's favorite KSU beat writer, Kellis Robinett. You can also follow Adam on Twitter at @adamsuderman.

Note: Despite his best efforts, some technological difficulties kept KSUEMAW from joining us for this podcast. I think he's still alive, but please keep him and his Internet issues in your thoughts and prayers.

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