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College Football Week Four: Open Thread

Let's talk about football. Together.

This looks awkward
This looks awkward
Kevin C. Cox

After a morning and afternoon of games ranging from mildly-watchable to fairly-entertaining, the evening slate of ballgames produces a few match-ups that should pique your interest. Of course, you have already read the slate, which double-zero lays out a few matchups of note this evening, but for the full list of every game under the sun, go here. Of course, if you don't feel like sifting through all 45 televised games and several hundred others, I present to you the only games you need to know about below.

Big 12

Time (CST) Away Home TV Line
6:30 PM #4 Oklahoma West Virginia FOX OU -7.5

Oklahoma's leading rusher, Keith Ford, is not playing this evening, but West Virginia is also playing without their top corner, Daryl Worley. Clint Trickett has had a phenomenal season up to this point, but so has Trevor Knight. Can Oklahoma's defense remain air-tight in their Big 12 debut and first game on the road? We will find out, I suppose.

Best of the Rest

Time (CST) Away Home TV Line Watchability Index
6:00 PM Mississippi State #8 LSU ESPN LSU -7.0 3
7:00 PM #22 Clemson #1 Florida State ABC FSU -10.5 4
7:00 PM Miami #24 Nebraska ESPN2 NUB -7.5 2
9:30 PM #2 Oregon Washington State ESPN ORE -23.5 1
9:30 PM San Diego State Oregon State FS1 ORST -10.0 1

MIssissippi State hasn't played anyone, but LSU nearly lost to a Big Ten team; I doubt Clemson can hang with Florida State for very long, but the Seminoles haven't looked like the same team they did last year; Miami/Nebraska was an incredible matchup as little as fifteen years ago; Wazzu is baaad this year, so Oregon could conceivably put up 300 yards before the first quarter is over; if you don't feel like sleeping/have anything better to do, SDSU could give Oregon State a game, but both teams are pretty average.