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Bill Snyder Didn't Accuse Auburn of Stealing Signals

Ignore the clickbait headlines, including the one on SB Nation. Bill Snyder did not accuse Gus Malzahn and Auburn of stealing signals.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Here is video of ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Ponder relaying what Bill Snyder told her at halftime. Ponder's direct quote is below:

"They're getting our signals, we've gotta do a better job disguising them."

Not "they're stealing our signals." Not "stealing signals is bad or unfair."

Of course, ESPN and our own mothership can't get clicks from you by saying "Bill Snyder said K-State had to do a better job disguising its signals because Auburn figured them out." Instead, they went with headlines like this: "Bill Snyder says Auburn is stealing Kansas State's signals"

In addition to being ugly and full of difficult nuance, the real world is mostly quite boring. In an attempt to enliven the otherwise dull lives of their watchers and readers, ESPN took a quote from Snyder out of context to make it sound like Snyder was accusing Auburn of something underhanded.

The Manufactured Outrage Machine is in full swing now. Join if you must, but I'll pass.