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No. 1 Oregon solidifies its hold on the top spot in Week 2 of the Bring On The Cats Top 25 Poll.

Ever wonder what a beatdown of an overrated Texas team can get you? A 14-point jump in the Bring On The Cats Top 25 Poll, that's what!
Ever wonder what a beatdown of an overrated Texas team can get you? A 14-point jump in the Bring On The Cats Top 25 Poll, that's what!
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

I present to you Week 2 of the Bring On The Cats Top 25 Poll, the K-State-friendliest poll in existence:

Bring On The Cats Top 25 Poll — Week 2

Rank AP Team Record Points Delta
1 2 Oregon Ducks (9) 2-0 249
2 1 Florida State Seminoles (1) 2-0 219
3 3 Alabama Crimson Tide 2-0 211 Arrow_up 2
4 6 Georgia Bulldogs 1-0 207
5 7 Texas A&M Aggies 2-0 (1-0)
205 Arrow_down 2
6 4 Oklahoma Sooners 2-0 201 Arrow_down 1
7 5 Auburn Tigers 2-0 (1-0)
8 8 Baylor Bears 2-0 185
9 10 LSU Tigers 2-0 184 Arrow_up 1
10 9 USC Trojans 2-0 (1-0) 160 Arrow_up 4
11 11 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2-0 131 Arrow_up 7
12 16 Arizona State Sun Devils 2-0 118 Arrow_up 5
13 19 Kansas State Wildcats 2-0 (1-0) 109 Arrow_up 3
14 14 Ole Miss Rebels 2-0 (1-0) 102 Arrow_up 1
15 17 Virginia Tech Hokies 2-0 97 NR
16 13 Michigan State Spartans 1-1 95 Arrow_down 7
17 12 UCLA Bruins 2-0 90 Arrow_down 4
18 20 Missouri Tigers 2-0 82 Arrow_up 4
19 15 Stanford Cardinal 1-1 (0-1) 70 Arrow_down 8
20 25 BYU Cougars 2-0 58 Arrow_up 14
20 21 Louisville Cardinals 2-0 (1-0)
58 Arrow_up 1
22 28 Oklahoma State Cowboys 1-1 56 Arrow_up 2
23 18 Wisconsin Badgers 1-1 29 Arrow_down 1
24 22 Ohio State Buckeyes 1-1 21 Arrow_down 12
25 27 North Carolina Tar Heels 2-0 20 Arrow_down 5
Dropouts: Nebraska Cornhuskers, South Carolina Gamecocks
Others Receiving Votes: North Dakota State 17, Clemson 16, Nebraska 16, South Carolina 14, Pittsburgh 5, Tennessee 5, Washington 5, Penn State 4, Rutgers 4, Duke 3, Mississippi State 3, Minnesota 2, Florida 1, Memphis 1.

As always, your slate of voters is myself, Curtis Kitchen, EMAW 4 Ever, Jon Morse, JT VanGilder, Luke Thompson, nugget1224, PurpleBrunette, wildcat00 and KSUEMAW!

Oregon solidified its hold on No. 1 this week, picking up nine of 10 available first-place votes in registering second in the ballot of Curtis Kitchen, who's still clinging to the Seminoles' accomplishments of yesteryear.

That consolidation of No. 1 votes came at the expense of Georgia and Texas A&M, the latter of which lost enough ground to switch places with Alabama in the shuffling. The rest of the top 10 was relatively unchanged, however.

Teams from LSU to Mississippi made positive moves thanks to losses by Michigan State, Ohio State and Stanford, with Notre Dame and USC being among the most upwardly mobile programs. See, tradition still counts!

The one I can't figure out is Arizona State, though. The Sun Devils haven't really done anything that impressive, so I assume most voters are ranking them based on AP rank and they're benefiting from a lack of collective surety.

Virginia Tech makes its debut at No. 15 from not receiving votes last week, while BYU rose up a whopping 14 spots after completing the Texas trifecta. Correspondingly, the three aforementioned losers had the biggest drops.

Now for some fun statistical analysis:

  • North Dakota State has a realistic chance of cracking the BOTC Top 25 next week, thanks mainly to JT's overly sunny ranking of No. 15 for the Bison.
  • The highest ranked team not to appear on every ballot is Virginia Tech, left off PurpleBrunette's entry. Michigan State and Stanford were next, omitted only by me due to my .750 rule. Curtis was not impressed by BYU's victory, seeing as he was the only voter not to move the Cougars in.
  • Among Top 25 teams, voters disagreed the most about Stanford, which came in anywhere from 11th to 25th, followed by Virginia Tech (fourth to 22nd), Michigan State (10th to 24th) and USC (second to 20th). I neither admit nor deny that I may have had a lot to do with some of those variances.
  • Any shock that the Mizzou homer voted the Tigers No. 13 after their dispatch of Toledo? While we're on the homer watch, wildcat00 couldn't resist casting a No. 24 vote for her Golden Gophers.
  • Two people (and almost three) still are voting for Washington, which narrowly eked out an offense-less victory over a Hawaii team that won almost no games last year and a defense-less home win over an FCS team that scored 52 points. I guess it goes to show no one actually watches Pac-12 football.
  • Memphis' near-win in Pasadena says a lot more about UCLA's weakness (expressed in the Bruins' four-point slide to No. 17) then it does Justin Fuente's Tigers, in my opinion. That didn't stop our fearless leader from giving them a nice pat on the back, though, with a 25th-place vote.
  • Teams who received votes last week but not this week: Michigan, TCU and Texas. No surprises there.