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Bring on the Podcast with Bill Connelly

SB Nation's statistical guru discusses Bill Snyder's strange relationship with the numbers and tells us why he believes Kansas State will stun Auburn in September.

Bill knows keeping this guy healthy could be critical to Kansas State's success.
Bill knows keeping this guy healthy could be critical to Kansas State's success.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation College Football Study Hall's Bill Connelly (perhaps better known as simply "Bill C) has had a bit of a rocky relationship with some K-State fans since his statistical analysis claimed Kansas State "got lucky" in 2011. But did you know the models say the 'Cats were just about equally unlucky in 2013? This is part of the reason Bill tells Derek and Ahearn Alley K-State could easily be a 9-3 team in this week's podcast.

We also talk about the value of Kansas State bringing back solid returners in nearly every position group, and why Bill believes replacing John Hubert shouldn't really be a big concern. The same goes for Ty Zimmerman defensively — now that the 'Cats have some nine months to prepare for his absence.

Finally, we had to ask Bill how he felt about DGB potentially getting to play at Oklahoma this year, and why the Sooners should probably be Big 12 favorites regardless.

I'd highly recommend reading Bill's big preview of Kansas State before listening if for some reason you haven't already, and you can check out all of his other great work on the Study Hall site. If you're not following SBN_BillC, you're not doing college football Twitter right, and for even more of his outstanding analysis you can check out his books.

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