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Will Charlie Strong's weak tactic work at Texas?

The new Texas coach is already diving into terrible tricks, and is Davis Webb a future NFL 1st-rounder?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals have asked me back by playing some good baseball of late, NFL training camps are open, fantasy league invites are popping up, and it is Kansas State Wildcats football media day.

Times are good.

- Down in Lubbock, it might be breakout time for Texas Tech's 6'5 sophomore quarterback Davis Webb.

- "All the hype down here is over all the strides Davis Webb has made," says a Lubbock media friend of mine.

- That starts with Webb weighing in at a football-ready 227 lbs. - or about 32 more than when he checked in as a freshman last season..

- Kliff Kingsbury is telling folks he has a future NFL first-rounder.

- All the kid did last year was set records, garner national awards and be selected as the Holiday Bowl Offensive Most Valuable Player.

- Another media friend in Oklahoma City says the Oklahoma State Cowboys are "saying all the right things, but they are so young."

- Never-used junior Daxx Garman could see 10-12 snaps against the Florida State Seminoles.

- It's part of a three-QB rotation that Mike Gundy is going to try, apparently.

- He could try 10 QBs, I don't think it's going to be pretty against FSU, or maybe against the Big 12, no matter the ploy.

- Both media people I mentioned, by the way, believe third is the correct preseason place for K-State.

- It didn't take Charlie Strong long to go the route of ploys and antics down in Austin.

- I'm all for cleaning out the "comfortable" and the riffraff, and there has been plenty of that already with eight more guys either suspended or removed from the program in the past few days. Taking stickers off of helmets, though?

-  What? Running off players and setting your own tone in your first season isn't sending the message enough?

- The stickers thing just feels so Charlie Prince or Ron Weis or something.

- I understand many other coaches have done it (some BOTC commenters thought even Bill Snyder did in '05? Anybody want to confirm?), maybe even with success. Many more haven't (including Snyder in '05, if it happened).

- It has always felt like a tacky, desperate attempt at motivation and/or establishing control.

- Out of control might be the nicest way to explain Oklahoma Sooners freshman running back Joe Mixon, who allegedly broke a 20-year-old woman's face with a single punch.

- Four facial bones broke in a woman's face in an act the 6'2, 207-lb. Mixon's defense attorney said was self defense.

- An act that some Sooners fans, unfortunately and not surprisingly, have taken to blaming her for.

- The lone 5-star recruit in Bob Stoops' 2014 class remains suspended from team activities.

- The young woman - WITH A BROKEN FACE - remains fearful of fan retaliation.

- Seems fair ...

- What's not suspended is Bring On The Cats.

- Some big news with the site is anticipated very soon, and if you're good, maybe even two big news-es.

- Things, they are a-happenin' ...

- And the Aug. 30 season opener is just weeks away.