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Kansas State cruises with few stumbles, crushes Stephen F. Austin 55-16

Don't worry, Wildcat fans. Our guys did what they were supposed to. Considering this is opening day, you should be happy.

Yeah, the picture's sideways. SO WHAT?
Yeah, the picture's sideways. SO WHAT?
BotC Staff

The Wildcats were in complete control for pretty much the entire sixty minutes as K-State cruised to a 55-16 win over the Stephen F. Austin.

If you were looking for answers to K-State's running back dilemma, you're out of luck. Three Wildcats combined for 159 of K-State's 240 rushing yards: Jake Waters with 55 (and two scores), Charles Jones with 55 (and another pair of touchdowns), and DeMarcus Robinson with 49. That's not how you answer questions about who's number one, but it's a great way to keep us from worrying about the question in the first place.

Through the air, Waters was 19/28 for 238 yards and two scores, with his favorite target being... wait, what? DeMarcus Robinson, who caught four balls for 47 yards. Tyler Lockett must have been... no. Nope. Kody Cook -- wait, WHAT? Yeah, Kody Cook caught three balls for 44 yards and a score, and nobody saw that coming. And if they say they did, they're lying. Deante Burton and Zach Trujillo, and Curry Sexton also had three grabs apiece, abd Gronk got a play in as usual. You may notice we still haven't accounted for that second passing TD, and that's because Waters threw that to some little-used backup we'll probably never see again, kid named Lockett. Whatever. K-State's seventh touchdown was a toss from second-stringer Joe Hubener to second-string reciever Steven West.

The defense... defensed. One of Stephen F. Austin's touchdowns was the result of a play where K-State's defense just flat got fooled and outcoached, but the Lumberjacks were simply never in this game to begin with. The only player on defense who's actually got cause for concern tomorrow is Morgan Burns, and he wasn't exactly terrible; he just got beat badly on a couple of plays which stick out.

All in all, a successful opener, and quite honestly the best opener K-State's had in a long time. It's hard to say if we learned much, but we'll get to that tomorrow.

When we're sober. Ciao.