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The First Saturday (Okay it's Thursday night) of College Football: Open Thread

Your first Open Thread of the season is finally here! Let's get ready for a great night of college football!

 Tonight the quest begins!
Tonight the quest begins!
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It's finally here! A little late from us but it's finally here! Major College Football is on your teevee with three major conference games tonight!

Texas A&M at South Carolina, 5 pm SEC Network: The biggest game of the night kicks off first on the brand new SEC Network. We get to see Johnny Maziel's replacement, and find out how A&M stacks up on offense without him.

Boise State vs Mississippi, 7 pm ESPN: Can Boise State spring another opening game upset like they did a few seasons ago against Georgia? Can Ole Miss capitalize on its young talent and get results on the field instead of just the recruiting rankings? Find out by tuning in!

Rutgers at Washington State, 9 pm FOX Sports 1: Capping off the night is a match-up between the East and West coast as Rutgers travels to Pullman, WA to take on the Cougars of Washington State. Tune into this game to see Dread Pirate Leach pad his resume before leaving to come coach at Kansas State. (or so TB hopes)

This is your first open thread of the season. Let's get this party started!!