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Charlie Weis: The nap whisperer?

One coach may be asleep at the wheel, but K-State appears fresh and ready for the season.

Jamie Squire

It's finally game week, and while fans around the country are losing sleep from that excitement, Kansas Jayhawks head coach Charlie Weis reportedly isn't having any trouble catching naps at inopportune times.

- Who does the guy think he is? LaDainian Tomlinson?

- (If you're new to K-State things, legend has it the future TCU and NFL star's K-State chances went sour after he fell asleep in an official recruiting visit meeting with Bill Snyder.)

- While the Jayhawks continue to deal with the expensive comedic tragedy of the hire that is Weis, and Oklahoma's Joe Mixon story won't die, and Charlie Strong tries to weed his Texas garden, and TCU suffers Casey Pachall postpartum for no good reason, and Iowa State wishes it could take a year off to recruit, and Texas Tech is making its leading rusher a linebacker, and West Virginia has Dana Holgorsen ...

- ... it's nothing but calm coming out of Manhattan; the focus on nothing but football.

- That can't be a bad thing.

- My early favorite tidbit from K-State's game notes: For the first time since the 2004-05 seasons, the Wildcats will have all 10 full-time coaches returning.

- Granted, those 04-05 seasons weren't good, and one of the biggest rubs was that the coaching staff was too set in its ways, but I think that lesson was learned.

- Plus, guys like a Beast-Mode Andre Coleman weren't on the staff then.

- Overall, if this season goes as well as the off-season did ...

- I'm perfectly good with none of the late-arriving junior college guys making the first depth chart.

- If that's the case going into the second or third game, however, then that could be a different story.

- It would at least sound off a few warning bells.

- The depth looks pretty good on paper as it stands, but that includes the promise of the junior college guys' talents.

- It will be fun to watch those guys try to work their way up the depth chart in live game action against Stephen F. Austin.

- For those who can make it, we're really hoping you come and HANG OUT WITH US at The Granfalloon on Saturday in Kansas City.

- We're excited for it, and it might be the only time in your life you get to force Morse to do Willie-style pushups until his editorial-loving arms fall off.

- Let everyone know you plan to be there in the comments section below. See you all in, like, a little more than 72 hours!