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If K-State wins big in 2014, thank ... Ron Prince?

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BOTC is Baby Gronk-ing stereotypes, and K-State has a chance to make headlines early because of ol' Cap'n Ron.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

My, oh my, what a week it has been here at Bring on the Cats!

Staffers getting hooked on with regional and national sports gigs, the radio partnership with 610 Sports Radio, providing new ways to promote BOTC - I mean, seriously?!?

The site has gone all Baby Gronk out of the backfield in smashing down stereotypical boundaries of where to find quality content. That's not overblown. Even in today's media convergence world, there aren't many places where you're going to find multiple accredited media people from different outlets all getting the chance to collaborate (and listen ... just kidding, but admit it, you sang, too) and contribute together. It's time to share this place we like to call home, and as we move forward, I hope you readers all know you are the reason for BOTC's success.

- After all, a site without an audience is just ...

- a site covering Kansas Jayhawks football.

- So, about this 2014 Kansas State Wildcats football team ...

- A staff flush with high-character former players mentoring and teaching the current ones ...

- A team overflowing with overlooked low-star recruits and walk-ons that have built themselves into All-Big 12 and All-America  team captains and starters, and have the potential to weave their way into the core of local folklore ...

- Former players-now-coaches out recruiting and spreading the word so effectively that - compared to past years - it seems almost kinda easy (Yeah, Andre Coleman, we see you doin' work) ...

- This team, this program, maybe more than ever, is just so ... K-State.

- And, this team has a schedule built perfectly (well, not if you ask "1 p.m. kick on Saturday" Bill Snyder ...) for a big run.

- The Stephen F. Austin and Iowa State combo should serve as adequate tests before the Auburn Tigers launchpad.

- I mean, if already nationally ranked K-State knocks off a Top 5 team, an SEC one at that, on national television ...

- If it happens, and it winds up being the game that got a magical run started, Wildcats fans would need to thank  ...

- Ron Prince?

- Just think, this program is now everything he envisioned it would be: fast, strong, tough and disciplined.

- And, if everything works in KSU's favor, you can confirm it as uncanny bold and daring foresight by the guy to put the marquee matchup in Manhattan this year.

- Yep, Ron Prince. Visionary.

- Those words ... I ... I have chunky vomit in my mouth.

- But, before I do, you got one of them already, but don't think I forgot about promising two big BOTC newses ...

- Purple, get ready to roll.