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610 KCSP, BOTC to partner this season

Your favorite place for all things K-State athletics just got even better.

Even if daily posts, comments, podcasts and more were already enough to make Bring On The Cats your favorite place for K-State news, BOTC decided it wasn't. So, in its continued effort to offer its loyal readers even more, the site has partnered with 610 Sports Radio (KCSP - Kansas City).

The partnership gives 610 Sports an opportunity to increase its K-State coverage during the upcoming months through weekly on-air college whip-around segments and other news-necessary interviews with BOTC on Fescoe in the Morning, The Day Shift, and The Drive with Danny Parkins. What this means for the site is increased access to coaches and players and increased original content, along with the ability to report news on both platforms. In other words, Bring On The Cats' level of coverage has always been awesome, and it just got better with the addition of a bigger, established stage.

We'll try to stay on top of scheduled appearance times and let you know as those things warrant.

All season long, you can hear 610 KCSP programming on the AM dial (see the general coverage map). Or, you can download the 610 app, as well as visit the live stream at

This is real, BOTC'ers, and it's spectacular.