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K-State Slate: 8.18.14 - Football notes, Volleyball Purple/White Game

It's one of those odd Mondays where nothing actually happened, but there's still thousands of words for you to read.

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Did you know our secondary has been utterly depl- hey, wait a minute
Did you know our secondary has been utterly depl- hey, wait a minute
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

While we are certainly neither without our opinions on the situation in Ferguson nor unwilling to express them at length, and indeed our attention to said situation is largely why the Slate is late this morning, please be reminded that for very good reasons this is not the place to discuss it. For now, at least, we will shut down any discussion of the matter on the spot. Might change, probably won't, and it's only being mentioned due to the seriousness of the situation.

Before we get to what has gone before, a quick note on what is to come: this week's Bring on the Podcast goes live at 2pm, and you do not want to miss it. Trust us. Even if it weren't Derek's final appearance, you'd want to be there for it. Also later today, KSUEMAW! will take a look at K-State's top five conference games in the upcoming basketball season.

BracketCat only has a dozen numbers left to wade through, although that's probably more like 20 players. Be that as it may, on Friday it was the 15s, with Randall Evans in the morning and Jake Waters in the afternoon. Saturday morning we got #14 Curry Sexton, with Nick Walsh in the afternoon. Unlucky 13s on Sunday; Ryan Mack appeared early, while the late slot was taken by Steven West.

We also had JT's coverage of yet another early commitment in OL Evan Applegate, our breakdown of yesterday's preseason AP poll reveal, Derek and Jon tag-teaming the Position Condition at running back, and last but most certainly not least... we now officially -- and not without a sudden flare-up of allergies -- bid adieu to our dear friend Derek Smith, who moves on to his new gig at the Junction City Daily Union starting today. Derek said goodbye to all of you on Friday, and if you missed it, well, man, I just don't know. You're slackin'.

Saturday was Fan Appreciation Day, which also included the spectacle of Bill Snyder paying Ryan Mueller back for pulling the trigger too early on the Gatorade bath. The Wichita Eagle's Tony Adame reports, via the Star, while the department issued an official release as well.

Adame also (and also via the Star) checked in with redshirt freshman Tanner Wood, who's gearing up to contribute at defensive end despite blowing us all away with that 659-yard, 9-touchdown night running the ball in high school.

Capital-Journal retrospective rundown: Saturday, the C-J reprised the January 2, 2001 pieces from former managing editor Kurt Caywood and columnist Kevin Haskin following K-State's thrashing of the Volunteers in the Cotton Bowl, which may be one of the most underrated highlights of Wildcat football history. Sunday, it was Tim Caywood's column from November 16, 2003, on a game you will all forever remember simply by the numbers "38-9". That, of course, means that this morning's highlights must have been from December 6, and we don't even need to tell you what Caywood and Kevin Haskin wrote about that day, do we?

Also at the C-J, Joe Hubener and Jesse Ertz are pretty important this year, John Zetmeir writes.

The Star's Kathleen Gier has more on the Evan Applegate commitment.

USA Today's Eric Prisbell with more commentary on the NCAA's latest travails.

Mike Casazza of the Charleston Daily Mail reports on what opposing Big 12 players have to say about the Mountaineers' struggles, including quotes from Jake Waters.

Suzanne Halliburton at the Austin American-Statesman is taking a look at the "Triplets of the Big 12", and hit K-State Saturday. That means casting an eye on Waters, Tyler Lockett, and DeMarcus Robinson (for lack of a better option).

Tony Boone of the Omaha World-Herald was also busy writing words about Waters.

A couple of hits from the Salina Journal's Arne Green (via the Hutchinson News): one on senior linebacker and captain Jonathan Truman, and the other profiling nickel back Randall Evans, who is finally getting some attention (00 also linked a Ken Corbitt piece on Evans Friday).

K-State's "This Family Wears Purple" promotion with local retailers continues this year, which lets you get discounts on tickets by spending money at participating stores. Those stores include Varney's and Rally House, among others, as well as Fanatics -- which is the official online retailer of both K-State itself and Bring on the Cats. See the "Shop" link at the top of the page? Mmm-hmm. That's right. You can buy Wildcat swag through us AND get ticket discount vouchers. Pretty awesome, huh?

Lastly, CBS's Dennis Dodd has a list of lists for you, which includes two Bill Snyder shoutouts... and one for Spencer Hall, too.

Michael Beasley wants to rebuild his image.

We posted a link to this over the weekend in Fanshots, but some more play: our pal Kevin Flaherty over at 247 dug into the foul numbers for 2013-14 to see what effect the new rules had. Good read.

The Cats delivered season tickets around Manhattan on Thursday, then went out and played some volleyball over the weekend. Purple beat White in four sets on Saturday in the annual scrimmage.