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Bring on the Podcast with Fox Sports Midwest's Luke Thompson

A new era is dawning at Bring on the Cats, and we've got a very special and surprisingly familiar guest to talk about all the changes, including Derek Smith's final podcast before he joins the Junction City Daily Union.

It's a bittersweet time for Bring on the Cats with Derek Smith moving on to a full-time sportswriting position in Junction City as the site continues to grow and expand, due in no small part to his hard work and irreplaceable contributions. But we've also got a long list of up-and-coming young writers eager to provide you with the best Kansas State coverage possible. We discuss all of that and more — we still can't tell you some of our most exciting news just yet — with Luke Thompson, the newest reporter for Fox Sports Midwest.

Luke grew up in Kansas as a huge fan of the Wildcats and figured he'd follow the rest of his family to Kansas State until the chance to go to one of the nation's best journalism schools at Mizzou became too good to pass up. It worked out well for him and his career, from an internship at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch until now, but you'll want to hear how he's kept his passion for Kansas State athletics alive and well.

If you're interested in coverage of the Rams, Blues and Mizzou, be sure to follow Luke on Twitter and read his work on Fox Sports Midwest's website. More importantly, everyone should subscribe to the Junction City Daily Union for just $5/month to read Derek's coverage of Kansas State and other area sports.

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