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Tyler Lockett's K-State resume: Football's '50 Shades of Grey'

Love me some Art Briles, and the list of things to like with the 2014 Kansas State Wildcats is a long one.

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Back from a vacation doing some 4-wheelin' in the Rockies, and I spent the last few days repeatedly hearing the ESPN Radio promo that features the new tiff between the ACC and Big 12 -- the one where Baylor's Art Briles basically tells Florida State's Jimbo Fisher to shut up.

- Yeah, what Art said.

- Man, it's impossible to hate Art Briles.

- But, it is time for the Big 12 to add another national trophy, which hasn't happened since 2006.

- I mean, hell, the iPhone hadn't been released yet, and Vince Young was still getting about to get paid, for God's sake.

- Could the 2015 Championship payoff come out of Norman? Waco? Or ...

- Manhattan?

- Wut?

- Hey when you're ranked third in the league (by media, granted, who always place waaay too much emphasis on the prior year's results) to start the year -- behind a pair of almost unanimous Top 5 or Top 7 teams -- it's not an impossible conversation.

- Right, Auburn?

- But, like Bill Snyder said at Big 12 Media Days: "My optimism is negotiated daily ..."

- Consider that last line your daily lesson in "out of context" as Snyder finished the thought by saying he thinks the younger players were pretty good in their preparation leading up to last season's bowl win against Michigan and through this summer.

- A lot of that, I think, goes to guys figuring out roles and getting comfortable as distractions -- big and small -- weeded themselves out.

- Yep, that includes guys who say the right things about team first in public but keep jostling around in different position groups as they keep trying to find the best individual situation.

- It might be the first time ever that a team being #LIFEless is actually a decent thing.

- But ... check with me again when K-State goes obvious option something and Jake Waters suffers ol' Marvin the Martian's "earth-shattering KABOOM." (If you don't know Marvin, sigh ... click here.)

- That's not being negative. That' what public relations folks call "disaster planning."

- When you realize the current QB rosters shows just one upperclassman among five signal callers, you may want to also throw "crisis management" into the summer camp curriculum.

- Then again, until it happens, let's put it to bed.

- Instead, how about thinking about the potential ceiling for these 2014 Wildcats:

- Battle-tested, legitimately decorated leaders in almost every position group quickly raises the bar; one that is set on a foundation of national preseason honors and awards watch lists.

- Annnd then, there are the new JUCO guys.

- If poster boys Terrell Clinkscales and D'Vonta Derricott pan out even close to their hype, Lord have mercy ...

- The offense will be girl-next-door cute and all, but that defense ...

- That defense will be Michelle Keegan hot.

Annnnnd then, there's that media-darling-in-training otherwise known as Tyler Lockett.

- He has the big eyes and soft tone that keep the girls' attention.

- Lockett has the speed, hands, work ethic and a resume that scouts and coaches lap up like it's football's 50 Shades of Grey. (No, I'm not linking it. If you go there next, it's your own fault.)

- My sturdy-branch bet: He finishes with a better K-State career and is possibly more revered in KSU history than that Green Bay Packers guy who just signed a 4-yr, $39 million extension.

- And finally, while we're talking handsome faces of the Big 12, well wishes to and on the continued speedy recovery to Fred Hoiberg, who had routine surgery July 15 to adjust the pacemaker he was given back when his playing days were cut short due to an enlargement on his aortic root.

- Gladly see you this winter, Mayor.