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K-State Slate: 7.3.14 - Lawrence player commits to K-State

News to take you through the holiday weekend. Because 'MURRICA!

Donald Miralle


Well, we're up to #59 (Jason Lierz) in BracketCat's countdown, so only a few more weeks to go for real live FOOTBAW!

I know Derek already mocked the Big 12's new logo, but I have to say it looks awesome in purple.

In the meantime, here's all the news worth linking:


Kellis Robinett has the story on Scott Frantz, a soon-to-be-senior at Lawrence Free State High, who has verbally committed to K-State. Frantz, a three-star offensive lineman, is the sixth best player in the state, and chose K-State for practical reasons.

When he suits up in purple, he will be the first player from Lawrence to play for Bill Snyder. Although Frantz notes that everyone in Lawrence has been supportive of his decision, there is apparently no place in Lawrence to buy K-State gear. Enterprising Wildcats of the world, we must remedy this tragic error!

K-State expects its athletic budget to increase by about $5.6M in the upcoming year. Part of this expenditure will be on a multiyear plan to eliminate direct institutional support of the athletic department, thus proving the adage that you have to spend money to save money.

Finally, our favorite K-State H8R, Bill Connelly, puts K-State through his analysis machine and comes out...bullish? I think this is some kind of hex voodoo jinx.


Three players on the women's golf team, Katherine Gravel-Coursol, Gianna Misenhalter and Scotland Preson, have been named to the All-American Scholars team, as selected by the Women's Golf Coaches Association (WGCA). All three were also Big 12 academic honorees, though Gravel-Coursol who carried a 4.0 GPA was only eligible for the all-conference rookie team.

Jason Kirk celebrates the death of realignment. Long may it rest in peace.

Speaking of death, I'm calling it: THE STREAK IS DEAD. LONG LIVE THE STREAK.

Happy 4th of July, all! Celebrate America and stay safe.