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K-State Slate: 7.29.14 - Jimbo Fisher fires at the Big 12

Slow days lead to Jon editorializing. Proceed with caution.

Oh, Jimbo.
Oh, Jimbo.
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Yesterday, Brett McMurphy reported via Twitter that Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher is still firing shots at the Big 12.

What Jimbo Fisher is failing to grasp here is a very simple point which should be apparent to anyone with two functioning neurons: the Big 12 plays nine conference games. Now, to be fair to Fisher, Florida State is actually playing nine games against other ACC teams this year, and if he'd just stick to defending Florida State's 2014 schedule in and of itself... well, that would not only be fine, but it would be unassailable. Florida State's non-conference games are against Florida, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame (sort of), and The Citadel; that one laugher is pretty acceptable in comparison to pretty much everyone else's schedule.

But Florida State is the exception within the ACC, not the rule. Now, Kansas State has no room to argue here; we all know that, so if you're an ACC fan reading this you can just shelve your Stephen F. Austin jabs. We're the first to admit that if 12-1 Florida State and 11-1 Kansas State are jockeying for the last playoff spot, there's probably no contest. But Oklahoma and Texas aren't playing any FCS teams, and both have Power Five teams on the schedule, so a look around the ACC is worthwhile.

Syracuse opens with Villanova and Central Michigan before playing a "real" game. Louisville has Murray State and Florida International on the schedule. Virginia? Richmond and Kent State. FIU appears again on Pitt's schedule, along with Delaware and Akron. Virginia Tech's got William & Mary, East Carolina, and Western Michigan. And then there's Duke. Duke's non-conference slate is Elon, Troy, Tulane, and Kansas. We could go on, but the point here is that as bad as Kansas may be, the Big 12 plays just as many conference games when it's all said and done as the ACC champion will end up playing ACC teams (unless they play Notre Dame). The "extra" game for virtually every ACC team may as well be a scrimmage.

Jimbo, your argument's fine for defending your own team if there's any question about their resume in December. If Florida State's in contention, they've got a fine argument against most anyone, and we'll gladly concede that. It's also true that many Big 12 teams need to stop scheduling creampuffs in September, and you won't hear anyone around here arguing that the Big 12 shouldn't be playing a championship game. But that's not the argument you're making. You're arguing that the lack of a championship game in and of itself denotes an inherent imbalance. The thing is, until we're actually in a position where all Power Five teams are scheduling real opponents from August to December, the championship game argument is bogus, and especially considering that both your conference and the Big 12 are supporting a proposal to allow conferences to play a championship game even if they don't have twelve teams, there's only one sound piece of advice we can offer you: you really need to sit down and be quiet.

Yesterday was the quietest weekday at BotC in... a long, long time. BracketCat continued the countdown with #33 Morgan Burns.

Speaking of the Big 12, Tim Griffin reports on the league's dogged insistence on continuing down the current path.

Joe Miller, who died earlier this year and spent a couple of years as an assistant at K-State back in the Vince Gibson days, has been selected for induction into the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame. He'll be inducted, along with the rest of this year's class, on October 18 at Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill when North Carolina plays Georgia Tech.

Bruce Weber will be in Saint Louis next week for the Coaches vs Cancer Coaches Clinic.

It's Tuesday! Summer amateur ball is winding down, with Alex Bee down in Wichita for the National Baseball Congress World Series. Levi MaVorhis continues his rebound after a disastrous stretch, bringing his ERA back down to 5.40. In the majors, Evan Marshall picked up his first win since May 25 on Saturday; the day before, Carlos Torres earned a win for the Mets. Down on the farm, Nick Martini raked at a .379 clip down in Palm Beach last week, and Ross Kivett hit .380 for the Connecticut Tigers. Kivett's now at .299 for the season. In Helena, Mitch Meyer's hot streak, and 13-game hitting streak, both came to an end on Thursday. He's reached base in 17 straight games, though.

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