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K-State Slate: 7.14.14 - Arthur and Bryce Brown host Wichita camp

No big news this weekend, just an assortment of flotsam.

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The Brown boys are giving back to their hometown.
The Brown boys are giving back to their hometown.
Patrick Smith

We're now over halfway through BracketCat's countdown, with #50 Jordan Kupersmith on Friday, #49 Elijah Lee on Saturday, and #48 Glenn GRONKowski on Sunday.

Derek's got his own countdown, or countup as it were, going; Saturday, he took a look at the Texas Longhorns.

JT reported the departure of hitting coach Mike Clements, who's on his way to Ole Miss; meanwhile, in other Magnolia State news, John Currie and Steve Stricklin agreed in principle to a home-and-home between the Wildcats and Mississippi State in 2018-19.

AMS filed a guest report on the passing of young K-State women's basketball fan Hally Yust.

And finally, the World Cup ended, with Germany taking home the golden facepalm. I had words, and I'm sort of proud of them.

Boy, that was a lot of stuff this weekend. Now for what other people were up to:

David Ubben lets us know who he voted for in the poll for the Big 12's pre-season awards, and where he placed the teams in the pre-season pecking order. Tomorrow, he'll reveal his pre-season all-conference selections.

Saturday, Arthur Brown and Bryce Brown were in Haysville hosting the Future Elite Football Skills Camp. It's the second year they've hosted camps in Wichita, though last year they did so separately. This year, they decided to join forced, and got a hand from fellow Wichita native Jonathan Truman. The Wichita Eagle's Tony Adame reports, and checks in with what the brothers are up to on both a professional and personal level.

USA Today's Randy Peterson writes about his vision of the ultimate Big 12 road trip for 2014. It involves four Wildcat games, just the one (you know which one) in Manhattan. This article is your daily DISRESPECT fuel; enjoy responsibly.

By now, you've all heard about Nick Marshall's boo-boo. The Auburn QB was cited for possession, which has little impact on his life, probably has minimal impact on his season (though a suspension of any sort would impact Auburn's conference slate, as they open against Arkansas), and will generate exponentially more sportswriter angst than it warrants.'s Brandon Marcello writes about Marshall's journey.

LeBron James is going home, and his annual skills camp has concluded. NBC's Raphielle Johnson has notes, including the observation that the Big 12's going to be a lot of fun this year and Marcus Foster is really something special.

I normally wouldn't do this, but this story is actual reporting, and it's all on one page. (These are things which make me more likely to ignore the source, let me assure you.) Bleacher Report's Sean Frye takes a look at the work Martavious Irving is doing to try and land a gig playing professionally overseas.

The Green Bay Press Gazette, through the keyboard of Andrew Pekarek, profiles Denmark High and Madison College graduate Corey Fisher, a righty who'll be joining the Wildcats in the fall.