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Did Snyder Agree to This? K-State and Mississippi State to play Home-and-Home in 2018-19

Then again, maybe this is a sign the legend's getting ready to depart.

Three regular season games against SEC teams in six years? WUT
Three regular season games against SEC teams in six years? WUT
Stacy Revere

This afternoon, a shocking bit of news hit the Twitters. Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin announced, via tweet, that the mighty cowbells of doom had agreed to a home-and-home with K-State.

What's fascinating about this is that apparently Stricklin and John Currie worked this out VIA twitter, out in the open.

Setting aside the fascinating manner in which this came about, this is big for other reasons. It's the first time a home-and-home against a Big 5 conference team has been announced with Bill Snyder sitting in the head coach's office since the Southern Cal home-and-home, which was played way back in 2001-2002. Most of the Wildcat fanbase has been clamoring for precisely this sort of scheduling -- home-and-homes with solid, yet not overwhelming, big-conference competition.

The timing, however, does leave pause. By 2018, Bill Snyder will be 79 years old. Will he have hung up the spurs by then? Is the fact that this was even scheduled indicative, perhaps, of Snyder's intentions? Or did Currie just go ahead and do this without even consulting Snyder at all? These are all questions to which we're going to have to try and find answers, although that may be a task drenched with disappointment.

In any event... until that day in 2018, #HailState. We're coming for you, CLANGA. (It'll be fun.)