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K-State Slate: 6.2.14 - 14 Wildcats Qualify for NCAA Track Championships

As we drift into summer, the news volume dwindles -- but we've still got one sport left to deal with.

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Twelve days to go.
Twelve days to go.
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

BracketCat continues the countdown, so check out his profiles of Matt Seiwert at #92, DeAndre Roberts at #91, and Laton Dowling at #90.

Phillip Marshall at talks -- in a way that is legitimately not too self-serving -- about why the move to further marginalize the schools outside the power conferences is maybe not such a great idea. He makes some good points, and he didn't even go to one of the best wells: for its entire history, the NFL schedule has been designed so that division winners get to play a couple of non-divisional cupcake games along with having to play the other division winners. If we don't expect professionals to face top-flight competition week in and week out outside the teams they have to play every single year, why should we expect it of college athletes?

In other more general news which isn't necessarily football-related, USA Today's Dan Wolken discusses what the power conferences may be thinking about transfer reform -- as well as the very real concerns of the schools outside the power conferences as to how autonomy might affect that particular issue. As we've been arguing as part of our attempt to provide actual nuance to the entire NCAA-vs-athletes discussion, unfettered transfers would be disastrous for college athletics. Not only would they consolidate even more power in the hands of the haves, but it would effectively make every college athlete the target of non-stop recruitment.

For your amusement: as you're all aware, last week the revenue numbers came out, and Brian Spaen of Fansided's Iowa State site, Clone Chronicles, would like to rub it in: Iowa State got more money last year than every single SEC team.

The NCAA tournament is under way, and we've already seen two national seeds go 0-2 (and home), three other hosts sent packing, and TCU tangling with Sam Houston State for a total of 31 innings in 27 hours -- with the Bearkats squeezing in another nine innings for good measure.

Big weekend for the Big 12, however, as TCU and Oklahoma State moved on to the Super Regionals, Texas Tech is leading Miami in a game suspended after seven innings due to weather which would send them through (and eliminate the entire state of Florida) should the result hold, and Texas has a do-or-die game with Texas A&M tonight. The conference's record so far this weekend: a gaudy 11-3, with only Kansas eliminated thus far (and even they won a game).

Kelly McHugh looks back on Ross Kivett's career in Manhattan.

The Cardinals have promoted Nick Martini to Double-A Springfield.

K-State picked up a commitment late last week as Midland (Tex.) College right-hander Brandon Courville picked the Wildcats in the midst of Midland taking third place in the JUCO World Series.

This is all we have left, kids. Fourteen Wildcats are packing for Eugene for the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships after qualifying at the NCAA West Preliminaries in Fayetteville on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Wildcat party:

  • Devin Dick, decathlon
  • Devin Field, men's triple jump (top qualifier) and long jump
  • Sonia Gaskin, women's 800m
  • Ivan Hartung, men's javelin
  • Ryan Hershberger, men's shot put
  • Reinis Kregers, decathlon
  • Danie Plank, women's javelin
  • Zack Riley, men's high jump (12th season in a row a Wildcat has advanced)
  • Sara Savatovic, women's hammer throw
  • Alyx Treasure, women's high jump (top qualifier)
  • Erica Twiss, women's long jump
  • And the women's 4x400 team of Tia Gamble, Gaskin, Meryl Mbeng, and Sarah Kolmer.
  • Dick and Kregers qualified for the decathlon prior to this weekend's preliminaries. The fourteen will be in Oregon June 11-14.

GolfWeek has a preview of the Houston sectional qualifier for the U.S. Open, and spotlights Wake Forest senior Thomas Birdsey as a player to watch. Only Furnace remembers him, but Birdsey's father Don was K-State's punter in the late 70s. Presumably he got a lot of work.

As for the present, Carly Ragains has qualified for the USGA Women's Amateur Public Links Championship. Also, several members of the men's team will be at Loch Lloyd in two weeks for the 2014 Watson Challenge. Robert Streb has also been invited, but it's unclear as to whether he'll participate.

Engage geography nerd mode: Andhra Pradesh used to be the size of Colorado, but now it's only the size of Georgia. Why? Because India has a new state. Telangana, which is the size of Ohio, was split off from Andhra Pradesh earlier today. I suppose I'm surprised that you can fit Ohio and Georgia into Colorado because good god have you ever driven from Valdosta to Chattanooga or from Cincinnati to Cleveland?

Finally a sad note, as Ann B. Davis, known to most as Alice, the housekeeper on The Brady Bunch, passed away yesterday in Texas as the age of 88.