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Open Game (of Thrones) Thread: "The Children"

This trainwreck of a season finally comes to an end. Whether you want it or not. Join our open thread for the season finale, and for pre- and post-episode discussion. It's like having all your friends over to watch, but not having to wipe their tears for them.




Who: Lannisters, Starks, and Targs. Oh my!

Where/When: HBO | 8:00 PM CT (first broadcast); also available on

Possible highlights:

An unexpected visitor arrives at The Wall. Tyrion confronts the truth and his destiny. Brienne and Podrick get a shocking surprise. Arya is as awesome as always.

Guaranteed lowlights:

Daenerys does something boring in Meereen. Bran turns into an actual tree.

Go Chaos!