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Welcome to BotC's World Cup 2014 Coverage

Hey, K-State has no soccer program, so this is the closest thing we have to our own event, right?

You know that's a handball, right?
You know that's a handball, right?
Alexandre Schneider

We've never been afraid to tackle covering an event we have absolutely nothing to do with here at Bring on the Cats, as evidenced by covering the last two Olympics. So it should be no surprise that we're going to help fill the miserable dead period of summer with coverage of the FIFA World Cup.

Part of this, of course, is because we realize that our core readership doesn't care one bit about the tournament, and covering it separately allows those folks to ignore us, while those who do care can participate in daily threads and enjoy the spectacle together. So if you're not a soccer fan, please feel free to ignore the stream of soccer posts we're about to unleash; we understand.

For the rest of you: hop on board, and we'll carry you through the next month. Daily previews and recaps, and a special surprise: our own Ahearn Alley is headed to Brazil, and he's hoping to be able to file some on-site reports if he gets the chance in between partying, engaging in completely unspeakable shenanigans with the locals, and trying not to get arrested. Stick with us. It'll be fun.