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Bring on the Podcast with David Smith

Our friend from the Smoking Musket returns to address several West Virginia stereo types, explain why Holgo's not very popular in West Virginia these days and help us pick Big 12 mascot Capture the Flag teams in this long, rambling podcast.

These two are the leaders of a very formidable Capture the Flag team.
These two are the leaders of a very formidable Capture the Flag team.

In this week's podcast, Derek Smith and Ahearn Alley do their best to help The Smoking Musket's David Smith feel more welcome in the Big 12 with a series of questions addressing the quirks and failures of Dana Holgorsen, moonshine, couch-burning, and of course, The Mountaineer.

But understandably, David says WVU still feels little bit left out in the Big 12 thanks to its geography, and he misses the old rivalries with teams like Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech and Maryland. Maybe if the Mountaineers ever start winning in the Big 12, it would help.

We even spent the last 25 minutes discussing the World Cup, which starts Tomorrow, you guys! Finally, a big reason we got to 80 minutes this episode was the picking of a Capture the Flag mascot team, and we need your help deciding who would win in a no-holds-barred game. Here are the teams (apologies for not naming some of these correctly, but I don't want to look them up):

TEAM WVU - The Mountaineer, Pistol Pete, Cy Hawk, Big Jay, The Sooner    vs.
TEAM KSU - Willie the Wildcat, The Red Raider, The Baylor Bear, Bevo, The Horned Frog

Be sure to give David a follow on Twitter at @SmithFire13 for some entertaining and interesting WVU insights. If you don't like soccer, though, you might want to wait a month.

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