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K-State Slate: 5.7.14 - Leti Romero's side of the story

The Romero story gets deeper, with Mechelle Voepel on the case now.

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The plot thickens.
The plot thickens.
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The initial HeismanPundit watch list has dropped, and Jake Waters is on it. The Oklahoman also has a story on the watch list, because Trevor Knight and J.W. Walsh are on it (along with Bryce Petty), and the funniest thing is watching Sooner and Cowboy fans argue with one another claiming their rival's QB being on the list is a joke. None of those commenters has said Waters being on the list is a joke, though. Heheh.

Ken Corbitt on K-State's prospects in this weekend's draft, and Kellis Robinett talks to Ty Zimmerman about his chances.

Jon Solomon of CBSSports discusses the cost-of-attendance proposal, leading off with some thoughts from Bill Snyder.

This was posted in yesterday's comments, but CBSSports has K-State at #13 in their spring top 25. What's amazing about this is that it's renowned K-State detractor Dennis Dodd who put that top 25 together.

Jake Trotter's positional rankings continue at linebacker, where he's got K-State 7th. I question whether he's got his finger on the position clearly, not so much due to the ranking but the commentary.

Not a big loss, but K-State did not land Parkersburg (WV) punter Kyle Foster, who has finally officially signed with Akron. Foster wanted to come to Manhattan, and Sean Snyder wanted him here, but as a walk-on. Foster decided he'd rather stay closer to home if he was going to have to pay his own way. No fault in the decision here either way; can't blame the staff for not wanting to hand out a scholarship to a punter.

Provided just for fun: Saturday Blitz takes a look at the spring top ten in FCS, starting with (duh) North Dakota State.

I could have sworn we already knew this, but K-State's signed for a home-and-home with Georgia in 2014 at Bramlage and 2015 in Athens.

Marquette decommit Malek Harris will announce his decision Sunday, K-State's the presumptive favorite, but Gonzaga and Virginia Tech are also in play.

USA Today's early bracketology has K-State as a 7-seed next March, joined by six other Big 12 squads. They've got Kansas as a 2, Texas 3, Iowa State and Oklahoma as 4s, Baylor joining the Cats on the 7 line, and West Virginia sliding in as an 11 seed. You'll note who's conspicuously absent.

Hey, this is a shocking development. Desmond Ringer is transferring from South Carolina.

Considering her role in uncovering some of the dirt under the rug in Deb Patterson's program a few years ago, it was surprising that Mechelle Voepel hadn't chimed in on the Leti Romero situation. Well, it seems that Voepel's delay was a result of waiting to get an in-depth interview with Leti, and her piece is an absolute must-read. There are bombshells -- most specifically, that the potential wrench in the gears was Xavi Lopez.

The top of the order went off last night, and in front of a national audience on ESPNU the BatCats eviscerated Wichita State 10-4, giving Jake Fromson a win in his first career start.

Petra Niedermayerova: four-time All-Big 12, four-time NCAA tournament invitee, potentially a three-time All-American. Hall of Fame, y'all.

Kelly McHugh has a chat with K-State's first NCAA tournament golfer in four years, Daniel Wood.