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K-State Slate: 5.6.14 - Checking in on former Wildcats

When there's hardly any news, there's room to touch base with past heroes.

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ESPN's Mark Schlabach has his post-spring version of the Way-Too-Early top 25, and what have we here? Also at ESPN, Jake Trotter's positional group rankings continue with the defensive lines. K-State is, suddenly, not in the top three anymore.

Today's theme: former Cats in the news. For football, it's not a K-State grad but a K-State transfer, as the Huntsville Item checks in on Tim Flanders' draft hopes.

Our newly-nonanonymous pal Ryan Nanni examines the worst-case scenario for every Big 12 team in the upcoming season over at EDSBS. K-State's worst case scenario involves going unbeaten...

More former Cat news as Kellis Robinett digs up Jordan Henriquez, who's playing in the D-League at Rio Grande Valley..

This is only technically "former Wildcat news". As I posted in a comment yesterday, Claire Coggins has been promoted to assistant coach. Interesting, the story says "retained off the staff of former coach Deb Patterson", which brings up the question of exactly who she reported to. Also, there's the K-State release announcing the move.

BatCats (23-25) take on the Shockers (25-23) in Wichita tonight as the long slide into oblivion proceeds.

Returning to our theme... J.J. Putz is heading to the disabled list, and Arizona has responded to that setback by calling up Evan Marshall, who's only given up one run in 14 appearances for the Reno Aces. Meanwhile in Altoona, A.J. Morris is riding an 18.2 inning scoreless streak for the Pirates Double-A affiliate.

For the first time since 2010, a Wildcat men's golfer is heading to the post-season. Daniel Wood was selected as one of 45 at-large individual golfers whose teams did not qualify for the post-season. He will be one of five such golfers playing in Columbia next weekend for an extremely difficult goal: he'll have to be the highest-ranked golfer not on one of the top five teams in the regional in order to advance to the NCAA championship at the end of the month. Since that tournament will be in Hutchinson, it'd be great if he could make it.

The event was almost two weeks ago, but Sports Extra's Kelly McHugh finally got enough free time to drop a feature about the Ahearn Fund's 30th annual Powercat Auction. The event raised $430,000 for the fund.