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K-State Slate 5.30.14 - Collin Klein starting in Canada?

It appears Collin is in the mix to be under center for the Montreal Alouettes, and K-State's track/field athletes had some decent success on the opening day of the NCAA West Preliminaries.

Collin Klein may not have made it in the NFL (yet) but that doesn't mean he won't play QB somewhere.
Collin Klein may not have made it in the NFL (yet) but that doesn't mean he won't play QB somewhere.

Despite the temptation to simply post an empty Slate today in an effort to kill The Streak, I've decided to give you another surprisingly full day of news as May winds to a close. We've got news on everyone's favorite quarterback, plus several track and field athletes did things and/or will do more things today and tomorrow.

Did you check out our fun and wacky podcast with MattisBear? No. Check it out now, particularly if you submitted questions to us. We answered all of them. BracketCat kept on sawing wood and moved forward with his countdown, this time featuring No. 93 Davis Clark, a likely scout team defensive end. Finally, television schedules came out and K-State already has three guaranteed national broadcasts next Fall. Seriously, though, listen to that podcast instead of just twiddling your thumbs while waiting for 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon.

Collin Klein is still playing quarterback, and he's actually impressed some folks in the Canadian football league. The Honey Badger signed a contract with the Montreal Alouettes and will be competing for the starting job against Ohio State's Troy Smith and Washington State's Alex Brink.

David Ubben suffered through another day at the Big 12 meetings in Dallas to learn the eighth official isn't going anywhere and Oklahoma discussed the possibility of local restaurants bringing in food trucks for athletes. Yes, really. Also, we could see conference basketball games in December in the near future. Ugh.

Athlon Sports listed center B.J. Finney as one of its top FBS offensive lineman, noting he's the only offensive lineman in school history to be a captain for three straight seasons. Not bad for a former walk-on.

Nine Wildcats competed at the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field West Preliminaries Thursday, and several more will be in action today. It makes me quite sad to report K-State has no distance runners competing unless you count the 800 meters, which I don't. Sophomore Devin Field from nearby Desoto leads the way and will be competing today in the jumps, of course. He's ranked No. 2 in the region in the triple jump after winning the Big 12 and No. 10 in the long jump.

The following athletes advanced on Day 1 and will compete in the quarterfinals today: Kyle Hanson (800m), Sonia Gaskin (800m), Erica Twiss (400m hurdles), Tia Gamble (400m hurdles). Ryan Hershberger (7th place, shot put), Twiss (11th place, long jump), Danielle Plank (9th, javelin), and Ivan Hartung (9th, javelin) have already secured themselves a spot in next month's NCAA Championships. Well done, ladies and gentlemen.

Sean Frye of Bleacher Report (I know.....but it's something) decided to try and predict K-State's stat leaders for the 2014-15 season. Other than his assertion that Shane and Will were "crucial players" there's not much to see here, except perhaps the odd choice of Nigel Johnson as steals leader and Jevon Thomas as assists leader. Either one of them could lead both categories, I suppose, but with them going head-to-head for playing time, I doubt they'll split like that.

Remember that infamous sinkhole at Austin Peay State University that made national news last week? Well, it's been filled for seven days and it turns out the cost was $100,000, or not quite what they'd put in the budget for sinkhole-related contingencies. Welcome to Middle Tennessee.

The National Spelling Bee ended in a tie yesterday and named co-champions because they both correctly spelled 12 words in a row in the championship round. What? That's nonsense. They should have moved on to sports names, starting with Jeff Samardzija, the unluckiest pitcher in baseball (1-4, 1.68 ERA).

Speaking of baseball, no one noticed yesterday when I declared the MLB season over. Not even the Royals, who rallied back in one of the stupidest 9th innings ever to overcome Billy Butler getting thrown out at first base by the right fielder (it wasn't all that close) and win 8-6 in 10 innings. Thanks, Toronto. Sort of.