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Bring on the Podcast with MattisBear

Ahearn Alley and Derek Smith go off the rails talking about anything and everything mildly related to Kansas State and Baylor in this week's extra long, extra weird podcast.

What do you see, Mr. Bear?
What do you see, Mr. Bear?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We began with the simple goal of a totally random, wide-ranging podcast to try to fill the vast emptiness of the offseason between now and the end of college football. Many of you helped us with your questions, and we couldn't have asked for a better guest to indulge us in our quest for sort of but not really relevant nonsense than friend of the blog, MattisBear, from Baylor's excellent SB Nation blog, Our Daily Bears.

If you're actually listening to this podcast for serious, substantive football talk, fear not. We spent about 11 minutes discussing the merits of David Ubben post-spring power rankings and Top 15 Big 12 Players, two lists on which K-State and Baylor did quite well, as it turns out.

From there, we went straight into the Q&A section with a potential zombie apocalypse and ended up at a shirtless Bill Snyder postgame celebration. In between, we covered some of the darkest times for our respective programs (see: Ron Prince, Baylor-UCF, KSU's last trip to Waco) and recalled the hilarious history Taco Bell has with Big 12 football players.

Hopefully you've have even half as much fun listening as we did recording, though I wouldn't recommend trying to take it in all at once, especially if you're trying to get some work done. Remember, it's a long offseason and podcasts will likely be rare. Pace yourself.

You should definitely give Matt a follow on Twitter at @mattisbear, as he's quite entertaining when not obsessing over Baylor compression sleeves, the dismal failures of the Houston Rockets and Astros, or ignorantly mocking soccer.

If you enjoy listening to Bring on the Podcast, don't forget it's now available on iTunes. Check it out, subscribe and review. We would appreciate it.