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K-State Slate: 5.22.14 - The Plot Sickens

The only real news today is of the sort you probably don't want...

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Don't miss the first part of JT's recap of the baseball season. Also, later today, expect another treat from Derek Smith.

Posting various links without comment:

  • Also, SB Nation's Swish Appeal features an interview with Romero.

  • I think EPSN looks to BotC for their story ideas. Following Derek's interview with Daniel Sams, ESPN's Jake Trotter had a Q&A session with Sams as well. It looks like either McNeese State or Nicholls State is in his future.

    Given K-State's approach to injury reports, it's no surprise we didn't know Bill Snyder has been in a cast! But he'd never let such a trivial thing slow him down, as Dennis Dodd suggests in this profile of our future Hall of Fame coach.

    Petra Niedermayerova advanced to the second round at the NCAA Singles Championships yesterday, with a three-set victory over Lacey Smith of Arizona, 7-5, 2-6, 7-5. With this win, Niedermayerova is 4-0 in three setters at the tournament.

    She'll play the winner of the match between No. 8 Jennifer Brady (UCLA) and No. 46 Jordaan Sanford (Baylor).

    Snippets from the world of college football:

    The three hardest jobs in college football, as detailed by the coaches at Air Force, Army and Navy.

    Future opponent watch: Ian Boyd says OU's Trevor Knight is for real.

    Mike Leach's AMA is hilarious and informative. Of course.