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K-State Slate: 5.20.14 - the Romero plot thickens

I know, a lot of you are tired of it, but there's a substantial change in the narrative as of yesterday.

Helps if you keep your story straight.
Helps if you keep your story straight.
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

You've read Derek's piece on Daniel Sams, right? You haven't? Derek got to interview him. He said neat stuff. You should go read it. You have? May as well read it again. Read it every day.

Once again, B.J. Finney is on the spring watch list for the Rimington Award. It's his third trip to that dance.

Our colleagues at Mountain West Connection report that Craig Bohl has a new quarterback at Wyoming -- or he will next year, because transfer. That quarterback is one Cameron Coffman, late of Indiana, son of Paul, and brother of Chase and Carson.

I wonder if we'll get to 100 comments today based solely on Carson Coffman angst.

Sam Cooper at Yahoo! is doing a weekly thing where he counts down five of something, at least until there's real football again. This week, it's "the five most unexpected blowouts", and oh, look, guess what number five is? Unfortunately, it's actually "the five most unexpected blowouts of the last five years", which means we're not going to get our revenge later in the week with an article on 35-7.

Wall Street Journal on Leti Romero. Three things of note and relevance to our ongoing discussion: she still claims she has no idea why they won't let her transfer, and oh, she's got an attorney who wrote Kirk Schultz and said she won't accept anything less than a full release to play wherever she wants.

Oh, I forgot the third thing. She alleges that she gave compliance a list of 100 schools she wanted to contact, and that K-State granted her permission to talk to schools that weren't on her list, but none of the schools that were on it. On the one hand, that is pretty heavy-handed. On the other, it would seem as though she's got the opportunity to leave and not have to pay for next year's education.

That sound you hear is either me hopping off the fence, or Leti Romero entering the Chris Canty zone.

And that's really all we have for you today. Have a happy Tuesday!