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2012-13 APR Reports are out: K-State flying high

The annual judgment of doom on the academic side of college athletics has come down, and K-State is looking good.

Go to class!
Go to class!
Al Bello

Today the NCAA released their Academic Progress Reports for the multi-year period ending with the 2012-13 school year, and everything's rosy in Manhattan. The APR has major importance; because of it, Idaho and UNLV don't get to play in bowl games, and UConn wrapped two NCAA basketball titles around a year where they couldn't even play in the tournament.

But these are problems for lesser institutions. Kansas State is sailing high over the crossbar this year, although there is one trouble spot which will have to be strongly addressed.

The entire report for K-State is available from the NCAA; we're just going to break it down into the important numbers. Multi-Year is the average of the entire 2012-13 cohort; that is, everyone who entered K-State in the fall of 2009, with adjustments for transfers and such.

M-Baseball 954 941
M-Basketball 974 1000
W-Basketball 985 978
M-Cross Country 1000 1000
W-Cross Country 1000 1000
M-Football 968 982
M-Golf 1000 1000
W-Golf 1000 1000
W-Rowing 971 979
W-Tennis 952 893
M-Indoor Track 950 979
W-Indoor Track 949 942
M-Outdoor Track 956 991
W-Outdoor Track 954 943
W-Volleyball 989 1000

Oh, tennis. That was just a horrible academic performance last year by the tennis team, dropping the multi-year from 972 last year all the way down to 952 this year. Next year, the 938 scored by the tennis team in the 2009-2010 multi-year APR will fall off; the tennis team still shouldn't be in trouble next year, but they really do need to post an APR over 930 to avoid problems. That 893 will weigh the team down for three more years. Luckily, the two scores in between 2010 and 2013 are both extremely robust.

The only other sports which even have cause for mild concern are track (all four permutations) and baseball, but they've all managed to stay well above the 930 cutoff. But let's step away from the bad news and check out the good:

K-State football posted a 982 APR for the year, and are now carrying a four-year average of 968. Both are tops in the Big 12. (Oklahoma State, meanwhile, just missed the 930 cutoff, and as a result will lose a day of practice each week this season.)

Four sports are carrying perfect 1000s for the multi-year period, and six scored 1000s in 2012-13, which is just phenomenal -- especially considering one of those six is men's basketball.

That's right, world. Our basketball players are smarter than yours, anyway.