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K-State Slate: 5.14.14 - Sams granted release

Slow WedneWsday sees us revisit the same topic for the second day in a row.

Where will he go?
Where will he go?
John Weast

Monday's news focused on Daniel Sams choosing to transfer. Yesterday's was pretty much all about John Currie acting quickly. Kellis Robinett reports on the decision... and concludes the article with a mention of Leti Romero. Ken Corbitt also reports, but doesn't make the connection.

Dalvin Warmack thinks the door is wide open for him this fall, Robinett writes. Considering what Bill Snyder has said about everyone in the competition, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Dane Brugler at runs down the top undrafted free-agent signing for each NFC team, and Cornelius Lucas is the guy for Detroit.

Jeff Mittie wasted no time finding himself a new point guard who actually wants to play for him. Antoinette Taylor, late of State Fair CC in Sedalia, is an NJCAA all-american who originally signed with Eastern Illinois out of high school but backed out due to personal reasons, taking a year off before entering junior college (which means she can't redshirt). Taylor scored 15.4 a game last year and 14.2 as a freshman, and back on April 30chose the Wildcats over Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Arkansas, TCU, and Florida A&M; Mittie's announcement is merely the formalization of her commitment.

We only mention this because of the amusement factor: Mittie could have chased another transfer, albeit one with only one year of eligibility: Maleeka Kynard is leaving Ohio State for Xavier and is immediately eligible as a graduate transfer. I can't absolutely confirm this, but I think that's Erik's cousin; they're both from Toledo, and that's surname isn't exactly Smith or Jones. (I know it's not one of his six sisters, though, 'cause her dad isn't Erik Sr.)

K-State Sports Extra's random monthly Q&A sees Kelly McHugh grilling senior long jumper Jharyl Bowry.

Daniel Cook is ready for the NCAA regional at Old Hawthorne in Columbia, starting tomorrow. He'll have to be the top golfer not on a team competing at the event to advance to the national final.

K-State had already been slated for the Green Bay Country Inn & Suites Tournament in August, but they didn't know who their opponent would be because the fourth team for the event hadn't been confirmed. It has now: the Wildcats will face Arizona.