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K-State Slate: 5.12.14 - Draft Fallout and Harris Commits

There was a thing that happened this weekend.

The most recent Wildcat draft pick hoisting the next?
The most recent Wildcat draft pick hoisting the next?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Oh... things. Many things. Jon reported on Tavon Rooks being drafted by the Saints, Ty Zimmerman signing with the Saints, Cornelius Lucas signing a pretty good deal with the Lions, Marcus Heit probably signing with the Chiefs, Tramaine Thompson apparently signing with Atlanta, John Hubert getting an invite to minicamp from... the Saints, again, sheesh (and then using a screen cap of our story to make his own announcement) and Malek Harris committing to the Wildcats.

The Wildcats extended their streak to 21 straight years of having a player drafted with Rooks' seventh-round selection by the Saints, and now hold the Big 12 lead in that category since the one unforgivable sin in the NFL this year was being a Longhorn. The news load is actually fairly light considering six Wildcats are on their way toward some level of cash compensation.

Obviously, Rooks got most of the media attention on Saturday and Sunday. The Saints website provides a transcript of the conference call they held with Rooks. Tavon was just as shocked as everyone else that he got the call rather than Lucas.

Terrance Harris at the New Orleans Times-Picayune writes about Rooks, mostly cribbing from that conference call, and also from the NOTP Christopher Dabe recaps NOTP reporter Larry Holder's thoughts on each of the Saints' picks including Rooks.

Ramon Antonio Vargas at the New Orleans Advocate blows through the Saints' undrafted free agent list, offering single sentences on Hubert and Zimmerman.

Reaction to K-State rookies at SB Nation blogs has been limited so far. Canal Street Chronicles obviously has the most in-depth writing, since Rooks was actually drafted. Pride of Detroit, however, did pen a specific piece on Cornelius Lucas, noting his signing bonus ate up a quarter of what the Lions were allowed to pay out for UDFAs.

As free-agent signings become official, there will probably be further stories. As you might expect, most reporters are focusing on the draftees, and the free-agent signings don't become official until the teams, err, officially announce them later this week.

Kellis Robinett weighs in on the Malek Harris commitment, and K-State offered an official release on the matter.

We can't have nice things.

Rhys Powell took first in the men's 400m and Erica Twiss won the women's long jump to highlight ten top-three Wildcat finishes at the Wildcat Open this weekend, the final home meet of the season. This weekend in Lubbock, the Big 12 Championships loom.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sleep for three months.