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2014 NCAA Women's Tournament Championship: game time, TV info and open thread

Tonight: Clash of the Titans. Only without all the cool CGI.

Derek the RA is having a bad week.
Derek the RA is having a bad week.
Andy Lyons

This is the end, my beautiful friends. The end. The 2013-14 college basketball season comes to a close with a titanic clash as for the first time ever in Division I, two undefeated teams square off for the championship. Just for added intrigue, Connecticut attempts to become the second Division I team ever to win both the men's and women's tournament in the same year (the first was, well, Connecticut), and the American Athletic Conference is hoping to be able to infuriate the Big Five conferences by waving both basketball championships and a BCS bowl win in their collective faces.

Oh, did we just display a subtle lack of neutrality? We're sorry. Anyway, this is your open thread for this historic event, and our final gathering to enjoy basketball that doesn't suck until November.

Damnit, we did it again. Sorry. Very sorry.

7:30pm CT: (LNC1) Connecticut vs (NDM1) Notre Dame
ESPN Dave O'Brien Doris Burke Holly Rowe
Westwood One
Dave Ryan Debbie Antonelli
Krista Blunk