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2014 NCAA Tournament Men's Championship Game: game time, TV info

Another season comes to a close tonight.

That's... kinda scary.
That's... kinda scary.
Andy Lyons

Two games left, and let's be honest -- tomorrow's is probably more interesting. But tonight is the NCAA Division I Men's Championship Game, and that's not something to sneeze at, even if we are all busy talking about watching bad network dramas instead of basketball tonight.

8:00pm CT: (E7) Connecticut vs (MW8) Kentucky
CBS Jim Nantz Greg Anthony
Steve Kerr
Tracy Wolfson

We can talk about underseeding and rules choking the life out of the game and the fact that nobody really likes either of these teams, but let's give credit where it's due: Kentucky and UConn put it all together when it mattered. Fighting-the-man data point for tonight: it's entirely possible that the American Athletic Conference can walk away tomorrow with both NCAA basketball titles and a BCS bowl win, and it's here that we have to remind you that the American is technically a mid-major now.

NCAA Social Media Info

The NCAA has provided a wealth of internet product and social media hooks for the tournament. You can, of course, visit the official tournament website where you can find an interactive bracket. There's a web-based March Madness app which lets you watch live on your browser (so long as you're a customer of a participating provider), and for mobile users the NCAA March Madness Live app is waiting for you in your app store.

You can also follow the action through social media on Twitter via @MarchMadness, on Facebook at NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness, on Instagram at @marchmadness, on Google+ at NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness, and via the NCAA On Demand channel at YouTube.