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K-State Slate: 4.30.14

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A light potpourri for your Wednesday enjoyment.

Subtract Hubert, get ranked last.
Subtract Hubert, get ranked last.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After planting Jake Waters at #2 in the conference Monday, ESPN's Jake Trotter ranks K-State's running backs dead last in the conference after spring practice.

Ken Corbitt on the defense, specifically the backfield, and Kellis Robinett introduces us to Judah Jones.

What do the other five conferences think of the autonomy proposal? Jerry Briggs of the San Antonio New-Express checked in with UTSA AD (and former K-State women's basketball coach) Lynn Hickey to find out.

Kevin McGuire at NBC College Football Talk reports on, um, a CBSSports poll of FBS athletic directors indicating that the majority think the playoff will be expanded before the initial contract runs out.

Kevin Haskin's weekly hits start with Sterling, but down the line Haskin relates what happens when a bunch of Gronks pile off an elevator...

Saturday night, Le'Bryan Nash announced he was staying at Oklahoma State for his senior year. Monday morning, he got arrested on an outstanding unpaid speeding ticket.

Oh, you want real news? Southern Miss has allegedly offered Brad Underwood the head coaching job vacated by Donnie Tyndall's departure for Knoxville.

Sean Keeler jumps on the Leti Romero case. He has what he thinks is a great idea, but for the first time in a long time I have to say these words: "Sean, you're completely wrong." Allowing a one-time free no-questions transfer without even having to sit a year is a ridiculous measure which absolutely will lead to players being poached in exactly the way he suggests they shouldn't be later in the column.

Sorry, Sean. Still a fan.

Mark Janssen at Sports Extra checks in on Phil Wilson, who coached the BatCats back in the 70s.

The Ward Haylett Invitational is Saturday at 9:30 am (rescheduled from 11am) at the R.V. Christian Track Complex in Manhattan. K-State will compete in a team-scored meet against Kansas, Wichita State, and Air Force. It's effectively Senior Day for the tracksters, too, so if you're free get out there.

The lane assignments have been announced for the Big 12 rowing championships, and K-State's celebrating before they even get there: the First and Second Varsity Eights are the top seeds in their respective races.