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K-State Slate: 4.3.14

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Apologies for the extreme tardiness of today's Slate. In news that is not news at all, the editor of the day is a flake.


With spring ball here, we lead with the obvious...

The National Football Post previews K-State spring football. Here's the official preview along with a link to the uber-slick K-State 2014 Prospectus.

Matt Brown talks about Tyler Lockett and circles the Auburn game: Onward and Upward.

Is Daniel Sams too good to be a backup? Maybe.

Dana Dimel calls his son Winnie and says a whole lot of other things, much to my shock in this ESPN Q&A. This was linked in the comments section of yesterday's Slate, but it's worth reading if you missed it the first time.

And speaking of items from yesterday's comments section, I believe this news item was thoroughly live-blogged last night, but K-State's Landon Lecture Series featured Bob Bowlsby, DeLoss Dodds, Kirk Schulz and ESPN's John Skipper. The esteemed panel took the opportunity to roundly deride pay-for-pay proposals and the NLRB's statement that college football players (at least at Northwestern) can be considered employees.

And now for a bit of editorializing: To me, the tone of the panel was very much "this will kill college sports forever", and I think that's more than a bit disingenuous, but these are men with a vested interest in protecting the status quo, so it was par for the course.

K-State's Cat Avolese and Kelly Bovaird were named Big 12 Riders of the Month for March.

The women's golf team is headed to Texas for the SMU Invitational. This is the final event before the Big 12 Championship.

Apropos nothing in particular, I'd like to know why movies aimed at a young(ish) male audience feature so much scatological humour and gross-out comedy. Is it actually funny? Inquirings minds need to know.