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K-State Slate: 4.29.14

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It's the end of April, and the entire slate is football and basketball? What sorcery is this?

Glad to have you home for a visit, Terence.
Glad to have you home for a visit, Terence.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Haskin on the winds of April.

ESPN's Jake Trotter ranks the Big 12 quarterback units, and slots K-State second in the conference.

Cornelius Lucas missed the combined, but he worked out for "roughly half" the NFL teams yesterday and apparently looked good.'s Dennis Dodd strikes twice on the potential autonomy of the Big Five, questioning whether the rest of Division I will let it happen and interviewing Kirk Schulz on the topic. (Our prez iz certainly ratcheting up K-State's exposure on a national scale lately, eh?)

Kelly McHugh caught up with Terence Newman and Darren Sproles on Saturday.

Bill Snyder went home Monday night, appearing at Missouri Western's Fulkerson Center to receive MWSU's Distinguished Alumni Award. Thing I Did Not Know: Walter Cronkite's mother was Snyder's teacher one year in elementary school.

Mizzou couldn't get Gregg Marshall, so they got a guy who's actually won a national championship. One wonders what would have happened if Mike Alden had hired Kim Anderson in 1999 instead of Quin Snyder.

Blair Kerkhoff takes the opportunity presented by Anderson's hire to look at the impact Division II and III coaches, and especially Central Missouri's impressive list of former coaches, have on the Division I game.

Deb Patterson's right hand has landed not only on her feet, but gained altitude (both literally and figuratively) in the process. Kamie Ethridge has been named head coach at Northern Colorado. Not mentioned in the article is that this completes a full circle: Jeff Mittie replaced Patterson, and he was in turn replaced at TCU by Fresno State's Raegan Pebley, who was replaced at Fresno by Jaime White... whose departure was the reason Northern Colorado had a vacancy.