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K-State Slate: 4.24.14

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Not a lot of news this Thursday...

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Although the season has not gone according to plan at all, Ross Kivett has no regrets about not going pro when he had the chance. Statistically, the post-season is still in play for K-State, but at this point, even making the Big 12 tournament might be a close thing.

There have been some bright spots though. The BatCats 13-0 win over Bakersfield was K-State sixth shutout this season. The team improved to 12-1 against non-conference opponents at Tointon for the season.

During the game with Bakersfield, K-State celebrated its partnership with Ft. Riley's 2-16 Infantry Regiment. The team wore camo uniforms, and when the unit deploys to Africa in the near future, they'll be taking baseball equipment with them, courtesy of the K-State baseball program.

#Family. It's not just for the football team.

The spring game is nigh. Terrence Newman and Darren Sproles are honorary captains for this edition of the Purple-White game, and the K-State promo material promises a special pre-game announcement.

Laton Dowling is pushing for a starting position opposite Ryan Mueller. Meanwhile, the ESPN Q&A talks to BJ Finney, mostly about his life growing up on a farm. Incidentally, Finney did not grow up on a farm.

As noted in the comments section of yesterday's Slate, Collin Klein has signed a 2-year deal with the CFL's Montreal Alouettes. Interestingly, the Alouettes also signed QB Troy Smith to a three-year extension, so Klein may still have to fight to get a starting spot. While I wish him nothing but success, I'm not sure a league that favors passing really plays to Klein's strengths.

Finally, for your edification, here's a primer on the Northwestern-NLRB decision, which attempts to clear up some misconceptions about the decision.

The SB Nation Longform features an article on Ramogi Huma, who has been the athlete's advocate for decades now.

Speaking of things noted in the comments:

Malek Harris, a forward rated No. 77 by Rivals, is coming to K-State.

K-State may play Texas A&M in a non-conference hoops game next season.

The men's golf team will tee off this weekend at the Big 12 Championships at Whispering Pines in Trinity, Texas. The Cats are seeded ninth and will be paired with eighth seed KU and seventh seed TCU.

As a result of their awesome sweep last weekend (going 3-0, with K-State going 13-1 overall), K-State's 1V8 team was named Big 12 Boat of the Week.

When school spirit meets entrepreneurism, interesting things happen. K-State senior Erin Stoskopf has launched a business that makes custom gameday apparel, including gameday dresses.