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K-State Slate: 4.1.14

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You know it's the off-season when there's no football or men's basketball items in the Slate.

TCU's new boss?
TCU's new boss?
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

TCU appears to be on the verge of hiring Fresno State head coach Raegan Pebley to fill the vacancy left by K-State's theft of Jeff Mittie. SB Nation's own Swish Appeal is backing the story, but hasn't posted details yet.

K-State returns to Omaha today to take on the Mavericks again. They'll have the reigning Big 12 Player of the Week in tow, as Ross Kivett has collected the award for the second time this year. They'll also have the newest member of the MIAA Hall of Fame: coach Brad Hill has been elected to that honor as part of the Class of 2014, along with nine others including former Pittsburg State football coach Chuck Broyles and former Gorilla Kendall Gammon, who went on to play for the Chiefs.

In the completely useless promotion department, April 19 has been designated "Pack the Park" day. K-State faces Baylor that Saturday, with the game broadcast nationally on ESPN, and there will be $1 tickets and hot dogs. Every home game this season has exceeded Tointon's listed capacity, so -- editorializing here -- it seems silly and perhaps almost offensive to the fanbase to suggest that we need a promotion to ensure a huge crowd for a national TV game. If there's one thing this team's not having any trouble doing this year, it's putting butts in the seats. This is the sort of promo you run for a non-conference home game against a school people can't even find on a map, not a conference game airing on a Deathstar outlet.

But maybe I'm overthinking it.

K-State just missed getting a first-round bye, pulling the fifth seed in the 2014 NCEA National Championship April 17-19 in Waco. The 'Cats will take on the last team in, 12th seed Texas A&M, in the opening round; the winner faces fourth seed Auburn. The byes are SEC-heavy; South Carolina and Georgia join the Tigers in bypassing the first round, as does Big 12 champion Oklahoma State. Baylor earned the sixth seed, facing Tennessee-Martin, while ninth-seeded TCU will ride against Fresno State. The fourth opening-round contest pits SMU against New Mexico State.