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K-State Slate: 3.7.14

Thank goodness it's Friday. Maybe.


Previously on BotC: Ahearn Alley riffs on the importance of leadership in his Tournament Thursday article, and Derek Smith contributes poetically to the legend of Fake St. Patty.

Women's Basketball

The big event today is the Big 12 Women's Basketball Tournament, with K-State and KU tipping off at 6 PM in Oklahoma City. Without further ado, here are all the linkie thingies:

Slumping KU and K-State women clash (Topeka Capital-Journal; Corbin McGuire)

Beating rival will ease disappointing season for both teams (Kansas City Star; Randy Covitz)

Jayhawks hope for success against K-State (University Daily Kansan; Kyle Pappas)

Chuck Chaney from Crimson and Cream Machine will have bonus live coverage direct from Oklahoma City.

Men's Basketball

Four seniors bid farewell against Baylor (The Collegian; John Zetmeir)

Baylor features a couple of guards from a most unlikely place: Canada (AP)

Frank Martin suspended for one game, but you already knew that (AP; Pete Iacobelli)


Apparently, Fake St Patty's Day is both Manhattan's most favorite and least favorite thing (The Collegian; Patrick White)