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Big 12 power rankings: Beds still aren't made

One game left. Seven teams don't know where they will be seeded next week in Kansas City.


One game left this weekend for Big 12 Conference teams, and only three of the 10 teams know their seed for next week's conference tournament at Sprint Center in Kansas City. Yep, sounds about right.

While we wait to see how it plays out, let's take a look at the year's final list, which will also serve as how I think the seeds for next week's tourney turn out based on Big 12 tiebreaker procedure.

1. Kansas Jayhawks (23-7, 14-3)Joel Embiid is resting for the postseason. KU didn't need him or probably any of its starters against a hapless Washington Generals Texas Tech, and the Jayhawks finally got to celebrate that tenth-straight Big 12 title.

2. Oklahoma Sooners (22-8, 11-6) Buddy Hield hit four 3-point buckets in 3 minutes and 38 seconds on Wednesday night (OSU's Marcus Smart needed five games over three weeks to do that at one point). Defensively, the Sooners aren't the joke they were at the beginning of the year. It's not steel-trap stuff, but it might be enough to make the Sooners kind of dangerous in a few weeks if it continues.

3. Texas Longhorns (22-8, 11-6) — The Longhorns have been floating along — nothing too good or too terrible. The schedule was kind in letting Texas finish with two bottom-feeders, so confidence should be good when the team heads north on I-35 to Kansas City early next week.

4. Kansas St. Wildcats (20-10, 10-7) — Thirty games in and this team still is a giant question mark when it comes to consistency. Good news is the Cats are at home on Saturday, where they are 15-1 this year and 32-2 under Bruce Weber. Bad news is Baylor comes in with re-found swagger after going 6-1 since Feb. 12.

5. Iowa St. Cyclones (22-7, 10-7) — A couple of road losses to Tournament-caliber teams won't cause panic in Ames, but Tuesday's loss to Baylor was the first time the Cyclones have been held under 70 points this year. All of it goes away with a home win against Okla. St. on Saturday.

6. Oklahoma St. Cowboys (20-10, 8-9) — It's kind of amazing to see a team with seven straight losses on its resume to be considered by many to be a shoo-in for the Tournament. I'm not so sure, especially if the Cowboys lose to Iowa St. and then lose their first game in KC. That would mean a 20-12 mark and 4-9 since Jan. 27, but it just depends on how much of a hall pass the team ultimately gets for Smart's suspension.

7. West Virginia Mountaineers (16-14, 8-9) — Do the Mountaineers belong ahead of Baylor on this list? No, not in terms of power rankings. But, if BU loses at KSU, and WVU expectedly bows to KU, WVU holds the tiebreaker and gets the No. 7 seed. Bob Huggins' guys are growing and learning (and should be improved next season), but they're trending the wrong way to finish the year, having won just twice over the last month.

8. Baylor Bears (20-10, 8-9) — It's not often you see a Major Conference team go 1-7 over three weeks and then flip it to go 6-1 in February and March, but that's where the Bears are. While we often joke about the schematics with this team, there's nothing funny about Scott Drew's apparent ability to motivate a group that many wrote off a month ago.

9. Texas Tech Red Raiders (13-17, 5-12) — The Red Raiders have been grinding so hard for so long that it appears the season has finally worn them down. If Tech doesn't win against Texas this weekend and then win the Big 12 Tournament, it will be Tubby Smith's first losing season in 23 years as a head coach.

10. TCU Horned Frogs (9-20, 0-17) — Two games left to this season, and that's all you can say at this point. It's remarkable to look back and see this team -- against lower competition, granted -- was 9-3 and on a five-game winning streak heading into Big 12 play. If I'm Trent Johnson, I'm looking at rosters all over the country and finding DFW-area guys (graduated seniors with a year left, especially) who might just happen to be considering going home; the purple version of OU's Ryan Spangler , for example.