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Bring on the Podcast with mattisbear

Baylor's best basketball blogger joins us again to talk about the secret to beating Oklahoma State, the surprise star of Baylor's resurgence and why he (wrongly) believes the Bears will win in Manhattan Saturday.

This man must be stopped.
This man must be stopped.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mattisbear from Our Daily Bears returns with a much more optimistic attitude after his last Bring on the Podcast appearance sparked Baylor's four-game winning streak. He tells Derek and Ahearn Alley what Baylor needs to do to make the tournament, why the Bears are once again playing well down the stretch, and how Isaiah Austin is becoming an intimidating player despite wearing goggles and making facial expressions like this.

We also touched on why Will Spradling got too much blame in the loss at Baylor and Derek offered a brief explanation of Fake Patty's Day to our enthralled guest. If you're not doing it yet, be sure to follow Matt on Twitter at @mattisbear.

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