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K-State Slate: 3.14.14

The billowing Cyclones of time have blown away our season...

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At least it's not Fred Hoiberg...
At least it's not Fred Hoiberg...
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Without further ado...

Men's Basketball

K-State lost to Iowa State 91-85 in the Big 12 Tournament yesterday. The Star's Kellis Robinett takes an in-depth look at the game, and Sam Mellinger notes that the program is headed in the right direction, even with this loss. Blair Kerkhoff thinks K-State can play with the best.

Ed. Note: Posted after 00 put together the Slate due to other deadlines, Curtis reported from the locker room post-game, where the mood was perhaps discordantly upbeat.

The Star also provides video breakdown of the game and interviews with Bruce Weber and Shane Southwell.

Ken Corbitt notes K-State broke down at the end, and ponders K-State's NCAA fate.

Also, Weber accidentally fed the Who Hates Iowa meme. (This links to a newspaper in a city that doesn't exist, at least as far as we know).

The national media also covers the story.

USA Today


The post-Bietau era begins right away, with the Cats traveling to Morgantown for the Big 12 opener. K-State is coming off an upset victory over Wichita State last weekend.


The BatCats have quietly put together a 7-game winning streak. They'll look to extend it this weekend against Northern Colorado.

Track and Field

Four Wildcats (Kyle Wait (pole vault), Devin Dick (heptathlon), Erica Twiss (pentathlon), and Alyx Treasure (high jump)) will compete at the NCAA Indoor Championships in Albuquerque to close out the indoor season.


Darren Sproles was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday. Yes, you should feel dirty for rooting for the Eagles.


Today is Pi Day: delicious and educational.