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BotC's 2014 Bracket Pick'em Contest

It's time for that annual tradition, the free t-shirt giveaway.

Come on, you can beat THAT guy.
Come on, you can beat THAT guy.
Alex Wong

You clamored for it. Or, you know, at least one person asked for it. But it doesn't matter, because it's time for this year's BotC Bracket Pick'em Contest. And you could win one of our famous t-shirts, like this one, from our friends at Gameday Depot.


As usual, we are partnered with Yahoo! for this year's contest. The direct link to the pick'em sign up is right here (pool ID is 48373, if you need that), and the password is wildcatvictory. You'll be able to start entering picks after the field is announced next Sunday. However, as always, there are RULES (pdf), and by participating you agree that you have read and abide by them (or that you're forfeiting your right to both win the prize and be announced as our winner to the next eligible person in line behind you).

There is one additional rule not covered in the rules as linked above, and the following is a binding amendment to those rules to which you also agree in order to be entered into the contest: In order to be eligible for the prize, you must also register at Gameday Depot (if you're not already registered there). You may only enter a single bracket contest in this fashion. AMENDMENT: You must also register yourself and your blog affiliation with Gameday Depot here (Facebook app). I realize this is a pain, but it ensures that people are not entering multiple blog's bracket contests. This is YOUR Pick'em, not Bob from Duke's Pick'em.