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Bring on the podcast with SB Nation bracketologist Chris Dobbertean

The mothership's foremost NCAA tournament expert joins us to talk about K-State's postseason destiny and give us a tour of what to expect around the conference and the country this postseason.

It sure would be nice if there were this much purple in KC for the rubber match vs. Iowa State Thursday.
It sure would be nice if there were this much purple in KC for the rubber match vs. Iowa State Thursday.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Selection Sunday is only five days away, but Chris Dobbertean of SB Nation's Blogging the Bracket was kind enough to make time in his busy schedule to join Ahearn Alley and Derek Smith for this week's Bring on the Podcast. We talked about the upcoming Big 12 conference tournament before moving on to the more prominent one featuring 68 teams from across the nation next week.

Chris isn't any more optimistic than us about K-State's chances to get up to a 6 seed, but he had some nice things to say about the Wildcats as well. He believes Marcus Foster is still underrated nationally and expects KSU's reliance on defense to be a positive as we get deeper into March.

Also, I forgot to ask during the podcast, so I sent Chris an email afterwards to see if he thought the committee would take Thomas Gipson's injury into consideration when looking at the loss to Northern Colorado. This was his response:

I've found that while the Committee says it takes injuries into account, its track record is actually mixed. However, that loss was so early in the season that it likely won't matter anyway, especially given K-State's position on the seed list.

If you're not doing it already, you'll definitely want to be following Chris on Twitter this week at @chrisdobbertean for all the latest insights on bracket action around the country. You can also check out his latest daily bracket update, which has Kansas State as a 9 seed vs. Iowa in San Diego.

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