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K-State Slate: 2.7.14

More reaction to National Signing Day, and we get ready for the weekend in K-State Athletics.

Trying TOO hard? Nino says yes.
Trying TOO hard? Nino says yes.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Previously on BotC: Jon's profiles of the Other Seven, Ahearn's Tournament Thursday, and Kitchen's post-NSD analysis (which you may have missed since it didn't go up until earlier this morning, so get yourselves over there and read it).

Later on BotC: Track weekend preview.


Bill Snyder, as you'd expect, is playing the long game with the 2014 class. (Includes video)

From the Star, a full list of KC-area Division I signings. (The headline indicates FBS, but that's a lie.) Inexplicably, it appears a player from Blue Springs was allowed to sign with some other FBS school. The sheer gall, I tell you. An outrage.

Also from the Star, Blair Kerkhoff takes a drive through the final recruiting rankings.

It was a typical signing day at Jayhawk Conference JUCOs -- they got raided by big-time schools, says the AP's Dave Skretta via the Capital-Journal.

Men's Basketball:

Texas, 12:30pm tomorrow at Bramlage. -- KStateSports pre-game notes -- Collegian preview (Austin Earl)

Also from the Collegian, Tate Steinlage says there's more at stake than just position in the standings tomorrow, and Spencer Low profiles senior Will Spradling.

Kellis Robinett on Thomas Gipson's role as the team leader. Interestingly, Nino Williams says he's leading too much -- and that the rest of the upperclassmen have to step up and help Gipson now.

Sunday evening, Bruce Weber and the team will host the Coaches vs Cancer Challengee from 5-7 at the Basketball Training Facility. A student-only event, students will have the opportunity to dip into Weber's wallet for donations to the American Cancer Society by shooting free throws, threes, and half-court shots. If anyone looks really good at free throws, Bruce... (ahem).

Women's Basketball:

West Virginia, 1pm Saturday at WVU Coliseum in Morgantown -- KStateSports pre-game notes -- Collegian preview (Emilio Rivera)


Quotes from K-State baseball media day.

Corbin McGuire at the Capital-Journal reports on Ross Kivett and his decision to bypass Cleveland money to stay in Manhattan for his senior year. Notable detail: If Kivett hadn't stayed, Shane Conlon would be a Kansas City Royal right now.

A similar piece from Zach DiSchiano at College Baseball Insider.

K-State Sports looks back at the 2013 season through the eyes of Twitter. Sadly, they ignored us. I thought we were pretty cool.


The Cats split up and head to both Albuquerque and Lincoln today for two-day meets. We'll have a preview at 9am, but if you just cannot wait for information, here's some. -- KStateSports pre-meet notes -- Collegian preview (Brandon Painter)

Subscription required so I'm not linking it, but according to the Vicksburg Times the "fastest man in Mississippi" signed an NLI to come to Kansas State. Unfortunately, I have no idea who that is because his name's beyond the subscription wall and K-State hasn't announced its signings in anything other than football. In news I CAN link to, Akeyla Mitchell (West Oso HS, Corpus Christ TX) signed with the Cats.


K-State (3-1) hosts Fresno State (1-3) today at noon and Colorado (3-1 now, but will have a Friday match with Kansas) tomorrow at 2pm at the Body First Tennis Center. The Wildcats have not historically done well against either program, but did win their last meeting against each school in Manhattan. -- KStateSports pre-match notes -- Collegian preview (Kiersten Schorgl)


We won't start daily guides until tomorrow, but we'll get you started with today's lone event: the Opening Ceremony, kicking off at 10:14am CT. Unfortunately, there's no legally-available means for you to see them until 7pm tonight on NBC. Unless you're outside the US, of course, in which case you probably get to watch the whole damn thing live and without interruption.

K-State music instructor Bryan Pinkall has a key role as a producer for the Opening Ceremony. Strongly recommended read.