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K-State Slate: 2.4.14

The great day of the signings approacheth. Heed, citizens, and be informed.

Thursday. John Currie says it's not all that bad.
Thursday. John Currie says it's not all that bad.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It's a football-heavy day here, unsurprisingly with National Signing Day looming just after we all get some more sleep and both basketball teams idle until Saturday.

Previously on BotC: Curtis offers up this week's power rankings, and your benevolent despot peered into the mysteries of recruiting rankings.

Today on BotC: Get ready. We've got previews of all of K-State's expected signings for tomorrow, in a sprawling project which will span the entire day. TB and Wildcat00 will lead the charge before lunch.


Last weekend, Louisiana defensive end Daren Williams flipped from Tulane to K-State. Yesterday, after a weekend trip to New Orleans, he flipped back. The K-State staff told him if he went, they "wouldn't have anything for him" because they were bringing DEs in over the weekend, so we're almost certain to see a new name pop up before the dust settles tomorrow.

As you're almost certainly aware by now, the 2014 schedule is finalized with the announcement that K-State will play Auburn on Thursday, September 18. We all know Bill Snyder didn't want it, and the impression was that John Currie was fighting it despite saying all the proper things now that the deal's done.'s Kevin Scarbinsky's opinion? Big mistake... on Auburn's part.

Two other schedule changes in the Big 12 alongside that one: Oklahoma's trip to Tulsa moved from week four to week two, and Oklahoma's trip to West Virginia has been moved from week five into the week four spot vacated by that game.

Men's Basketball:

Ken Corbitt has identified... well, to steal a structure from Robert Jordan, not the problem but a problem. It's those pesky free throws.


The number next to the words "Kansas State" keeps shrinking, and a new pre-season ranking record gets set every other day. The new mark? 18, bestowed upon the BatCats by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association.