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Ten for KU; can KSU MBB get 20? Go away, Casey Pachall

At Kansas, Bill Self has more regular season championships than home losses. Does K-State get 20 wins before Selection Sunday? And, go away, Casey Pachall.

Ed Zurga

I mean, go ahead and feebly mock it if you think you need to, as an opposing fan and all that, but ...

- With 10, the Kansas Jayhawks have more Big 12 Conference regular season championships — in a row — than home losses under Bill Self, who is 174-9 at Allen Fieldhouse.

- That's worthy of one of those "Ticket Oak getting a 'whuuuuuuuut' out of Ben" reactions.

- Maybe the second-most impressive stat regarding the 10 straight conference titles: The Jayhawks had zero returning starters in three of those campaigns (2005-06, 08-09, 13-14).

- Selfishly, my favorite stat of the streak extends even further ...

- Be it the WAC, Big Ten or Big 12, Bill Self has never finished worse than third in any season in any conference that he's coached.* Self's 1997-98 Tulsa Golden Hurricane finished third in the WAC during his first year there.

*Oral Roberts, where Self was 16-38 his first two seasons as a head coach, was an independent during Self's tenure.

- It seems the only chance the rest of the Big 12 has is that Self comes down with a terrible case of boredom.

- As for the thought that KU winning the conference is a bad look for the Big 12, I'd normally agree, but when that team also happens to be among the nation's elite every year, averaging 32.6 wins since 2006-07, the rest of the nation understands.

- Winning starts with leadership.

- Something former TCU quarterback Casey Pachall knows nothing about.

- Suspended multiple times in his career for alcohol and drugs, and missing time for drug rehab and injuries, Pachall blasted his former team and said the Frogs lack leadership. "A lot of these guys won't stand up," he said.

- Can someone get this guy a mirror, please?

- There has been a shortage of wins, or quality baseball for that matter, for Kansas St. at the beginning of this season.

- Flat Cats, Splat Cats, Chewed Up and Spat Cats, whatever you want to call them, it's all fair game at this point.

- At 1-7, K-State has the worst record in the Big 12.

- Look if you wish, but all you need to know is one guy (Austin Fisher) is hitting above .296, six others (including Ross Kivett and Shane Conlon) have had the majority of at-bats but are hitting .224 or worse, and the team ERA is currently 5.56.

- .556 is what Omari Lawrence is shooting from the free throw line this year.

- That doesn't sound all that great, but it sparkles next to .143, which is KSU's road winning percentage in conference play this year.

- Those last two roadies — at Texas Tech (tonight) and at Oklahoma St. on March 3 — are spread among two home games with Iowa St. and Baylor

- Good lord.

- If you absolutely had to put your next mortgage payment or rent check on K-State (18-9) getting to 20 wins after the Big 12 Tournament, would you do it?

- How about two rent checks or mortgage payments?

- Doesn't mean I think KSU gets rolled or can't win against those teams.

- Does mean I think the Wildcats have their work cut out for them.