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K-State Slate: 2.25.14

Just gettin' ready for Lubbock here, y'all.

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I'm pretty sure we haven't given Brian Rohleder the spotlight before.
I'm pretty sure we haven't given Brian Rohleder the spotlight before.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Welp. Look, we may not like them, but deserved congratulations to the Jayhawks on ten straight. In terms of conference dominance, it's unparalleled. Don't point at UCLA; they only had to beat seven other teams to win all those Pac-8 titles.

Men's Basketball:

K-State's not even receiving votes in the AP poll anymore, though the coaches still saddled the 'Cats with nine points. There's two Kansas teams in the AP top 25, though, so that's something.

Previews of tonight's game via K-State's official site, Texas Tech's official site, Kellis Robinett at The Star, and Ken Corbitt at The Capital-Journal.

Blair Kerkhoff is pretty sure at least one Big 12 team with a losing conference record is getting called on Selection Sunday... but he isn't saying whether he thinks the Big 12 will get eight teams into the dance. Randy Peterson at the Des Moines Register, on the other hand, emphatically says no.

Kelly McHugh of K-State Sports Extra chatted with Wyatt Thompson.

Women's Basketball:

Wednesday night's contest is previews at K-State's official site and KU's official site.

Women's Golf:

All six Wildcats shot season bests yesterday at the Wisconsin-hosted Westbrook Invitational in Peoria, Arizona. That bested Sunday's season-best team score, but the overall result was still only a tie for ninth place. Baby steps for a freshman-heavy squad.