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K-State Slate: 2.19.14

Getting ready to double-dip the Horned Frogs, and a walk-off disaster.

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Turns out there's a reason D.J. is playing better.
Turns out there's a reason D.J. is playing better.
Jamie Squire

Today, we start of with Sam Mellinger's Twitter Tuesday, just because.

Men's Basketball

Previews, previews... K-State's official site, TCU's official site, John Zetmeir from The Collegian, and Stefan Stevenson at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The Collegian was busy yesterday, with three other stories. Tate Steinlage thinks the 'Cats have good opportunities ahead on the road, Emilio Rivera looks at the size matchups tonight, and Donald Pepson is fully aboard the Bruce Weber train.

Ken Corbitt at the Capital-Journal reveals that D.J. Johnson's early season problems were the result of tendonitis in his knee. The Star's Kellis Robinett also talks about the Wildcat bench.

Friend of BotC Nicole Auerbach, along with Jeffery Martin, report at USA Today on the one-and-done question, with a focus on Michael Beasley.

Women's Basketball

From The Collegian: Steinlage has a preview of tonight's game. There's also TCU's official site preview.

Sam McDowell at The Star informs us that Lee's Summit North senior Imani Johnson set a new school career scoring record last week. Why do we care? The old record was held by Claire Coggins, that's why.


For the first time since 1973, K-State is 0-4. The BatCats suffered a heartbreaking walk-off 7-6 loss in San Francisco last night thanks to defensive miscues.


K-State travels to Tulsa this weekend to take on both North Texas and the Golden Hurricane. The official preview, for your consideration.