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Bring on the Podcast with mattisbear

Baylor blogger Mattisbear joins the podcast to tell us how impressed he's been with Marcus Foster, why it's tough for even an optimist to believe in the Bears right now, and of course, the Scott Drew Conundrum.

This man on the sideline will be a welcome sight if Saturday's game goes down to the wire.
This man on the sideline will be a welcome sight if Saturday's game goes down to the wire.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If K-State fans are playing with house money based on preseason and November expectations, Baylor fans mostly find themselves deep in the red with only eight Big 12 games remaining. OurDailyBears contributor mattisbear comes on the podcast this week to talk with Ahearn Alley and Derek Smith about how he hasn't given up all hope just yet heading into Saturday's game against Kansas State in Waco, but he seems to be getting pretty close.

Listen in as we learn more about Baylor's moderately effective (3rd Big 12 scoring defense, 5th FG% defense) 1-3-1 zone and why preseason All-Big 12 selections and NBA prospects Cory Jefferson and Isaiah Austin haven't been performing up to par this season. Matt also told us why he believes it's ridiculous to put Scott Drew on any kind of hot seat and what it would take to reach that point, even if some impatient message board posters don't agree. Stick around to the end and you'll hear Matt's take on which is the best campus tradition: Live bears or Call Hall ice cream?

We also recommend following Matt on Twitter and if you're into podcasts, check out the good stuff they do over at Our Daily Bears from time to time. They're quality people.

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